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Pokemon Fusion! M-Diancie, U-Necrozma, Zygarde 100

By OzoneFruit
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Nova Diacroze (Mega Diancie, Ultra Necrozma, Zygarde 100%)

Typing: Dragon/Fairy/Psychic

Commissioner: Soleviatis

Category: "Rainbow Nova"

Stats: 145/190/135/190/135/155 -> BST 950

Special Ability: Nova Force
"Turns the ground into Nova Terrain when the Pokémon enters a battle."

A special terrain is summoned upon this Pokemon switching in. Opponent Fairy types will take supereffective damage from Dragon type attacks as long as the terrain is active, and Ally Dragon types have their weaknesses removed (Supereffective hits only do neutral damage)

Signature Move 1: Rainbow Burst
"The user releases a beautiful and devastating beam or rainbow light. Has a chance to raise a stat of the user based on the opponent's highest stat." (Example, using Rainbow Burst on a Kartana would raise Nova Diacroze's Attack by 1)

Type: Psychic (becomes Fairy or Dragon, if either yields a better hit, random if equal)
Category: Physical if Attacks is higher, Special if Special Attack is higher
Power: 140
Accuracy: 100%
PP: 5

Signature Move 2: Diamond Shield
"The user surrounds itself with a protective layer of diamonds. If the user is attacked while using this move, it will sharply increase Defense or Special Defense depending on the attack received."

Type: Rock
Category: Status
Power: -
Accuracy: -
PP: 10

"This is without a doubt our most costly fusion to date. Three of the rarest and most powerful Pokemon put together have resulted in a terrifyingly beautiful creation: Nova Diacroze, a being of burning starlight and unstoppable power. It melted the fusion chamber as it emerged, radiating a light that could be seen for miles around. One look told us that if it wanted, our entire facility, if not the whole mountain range, could be incinerated in an instant. Thankfully, Nova Diacroze appears to be benevolent, preferring to act as an overseer than a fighter."

"An interesting side effect of Diancie being combined with Ultra Necrozma is that the diamonds of the Jewel Pokemon have been affected by the Prism Pokemon's light; many of them have been transformed into Z-Crystals, which can be seen adorning Diacroze's gown. With its strength, Diacroze has been able to use five Z-Moves in a single fight. And it can probably use more."

"To be honest, in all its beauty, I am more terrified of our creation than amazed. Diacroze is unquestionably the single most powerful thing we have made. Ultra Necrozma's raw strength gives it the power of the stars and cosmos. The diamonds of Diancie give it unbreakable defenses. If it weren't for the nobility and calm of Zygarde, I'm sure Nova Diacroze would travel the universe as a conqueror of all. Nothing would be able to stop it."


This was a commission for :iconsoleviatis:! May I say, this was an absolute blast to make, and I am SUPER happy with the end result. Thanks to them for providing much of the info on its moves and abilities! If you'd like to have something like this for yourself, check out the commission info in the journal below!

February 2018 Pokefusions and Trainer Commissions!Time for Round 2 of Pokefusions! Let's get ready to rumble!
What sort of commissions? Pokefusions! :D  What sort of fusion can you expect to get? Well, there are two main options! You can either request a two-Pokemon fusion, or a three-Pokemon fusion! Pricing will depend on the complexity of the design, and how many Pokemon you wish to fuse! I will accept both Paypal and Points for commissions! Pricing for each option, as well as how you can request them, shown below! ^^
And now, a new introduction to the commissions as well! Do you have an OC Trainer that you'd like to get concept art for? Well, I am now opening up full Trainer Concept arts as well! Examples of what you can expect are shown below!
Right now, 3 slots are open and anxiously awaiting to fill up! 
If you want to have a fusion made, please, send me a note! (I will not go through comments for requests, due to possible clutter)

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this is so cool can you add mega mewtwo y or x and mega rayquaza to it please

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I'd really like to see this as a real pokemon.
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DR.eggman: i believe that Nova Diacroze is the Very one we're waiting for to stop..  the mysterious FUSEmon Knew As GargenNo. Or Not.. Have arceus help Us All..
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.... um, ok. This looks busy O_o I would kinda dread if this were translated into gijinka...
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I'm interested. How do you calculate the fusion's base stats? I'd really like to find out the power of other fusions. Thanks
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OzoneFruitHobbyist Digital Artist
Sorry for late reply! 

Stats are oftentimes given by the commissioner haha XD Gotta make these triple legends OP as possible ;)
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Thank you
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The fact that Diancie's diamonds turned into Z-crystals got me thinking. Why are they called Z-crystals? My theory is that Zygarde had something to do with the formation of Z-crystals, hence the name.
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Wow excellent work.

Can you do one on Ultra Necrozma, Complete Form Zygarde, and Mega Rayquaza, the three powerful dragons?
CinnakinCat's avatar
Ultra Zyquazma, Multiverse Dragon Guardian FUSEmon.
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LunarRibbonHobbyist General Artist
I just stumbled upon your art and I'm in awe, fantastic job! This radiates with beauty :D
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OzoneFruitHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much!!!! <3
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The brilliant aura of Nova Diacroze could cause ANYONE to become utterly mesmerized by its beauty...
glitchydemonfairy's avatar
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Z1GamerHobbyist Writer
This is beautifully done.
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OzoneFruitHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!!! :3
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leopardheart982Student Digital Artist
Deuxrai, eat your heart out.
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unoriginalideasHobbyist Digital Artist
I now need a Pokemon game where this thing is the fucking legendary cause OMG this is amazing!
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OzoneFruitHobbyist Digital Artist
The commissioner gets what the commisioner wants <3 The world shall tremble before Diacroze's might.
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considering its part ultra necrozma which has heat wave, earth power, and many other special moves
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SPQR21Hobbyist General Artist
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SteechyHobbyist Traditional Artist
what about Arceus?
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