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A series, based in the XVth century. I'll do the full alphabet, but with historical characters. I decided to do it to have a long time task, and keeping focused.
The list right now, there are letters I cannot find characters for, if you have suggestions (if you don't like some of choices also), tell me:

A-Afonso de Albuquerque (done!)
B-Bayecid Yildirin
C-Christine Pizan (done!)
D-Da Vinci, Leonardo (far-fetched? I did not know anyone with the name starting in "D")
E-Enrique el Navegante/Erasmus
F-Ferdinand II of Aragon/Filippo Brunelleschi?
H-Henry V
I-Isabel La Católica
J-Jean Van Eyck/Jean Fouquet/John VIII Palaiologos
K-Konstantinos IX Palaiologos/ Kazimierz IV Jagiellonczyk
L-Lorenzo el Magnífico
M-Maximilian I of Austria/Mehmet the Conqueror?
N-Nicolás Maquiavelo
P-Philip the Good
Q-Quentin Matsys
R-Ricardo III
S-Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor
V-Vlad III Tepes/Vasco de Gama?
W-Wencelaus IV of Bohemia
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it's a wonderful idea!! I'm really looking forward to seeing this!!

for the "missing letters", I could suggest:

O Johannes Ockeghem (Belgian Music Writer)
U Bartomolmeo da Urbino (Italian Painter)
Z Zheng He (Chinese Explorer)