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Kinslaying (and Kingslaying) at Montiel

By Oznerol-1516
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King Peter the Cruel was killed by his half-brother, the bastard, Henry of Trastámara, in Montiel, in a trap he set. Betrand Du Guesclin, commander of the White Company, arranged a meeting with Peter, who was going to try to bribe the french to join his side, after a sound defeat at the hands of his brother Henry in Montiel. In Guesclin's tent, however, waited Henry, and both brothers engaged in a duel, in the floor. Peter, stronger and taller, had soon the upper hand, but before he could finish Henry, the mercenary, Du Guesclin, grabed Peter, and change the fate of the duel, helping Henry to have the upper hand. The dead Peter was unburied for three dies, his body, to public mockery and profanation. Such started the Trastámara dinasty.

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Great work. You captured the scene so vividly..
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well thats one way to settle a family dispute once and for all 
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Yes, in the XIVth century were preeeetty harsh and ruthless...

But it wasn't settled! A daughter of Peter married John of Gaunt, son of Edward III Plantagenet, and they claimed the Castile's crown, invading the country! Even if defeated, John I of Castile married their daughter Catherine. The best is that the other daughter or Peter the Cruel married Edmund of Langley, first Duke of York... Such Peter is the ancestor of both the Lancaster and York!
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well thats some intresting ancestry, so both houses have the same family 
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really nicely done :)
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Glad you think so, Mina. A long time since I painted something historical!
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