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King Stannis Baratheon

By Oznerol-1516
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The One True King, heir to Robert I Baratheon. King Stannis as he would look like in a Feast For Crows, thin, tired and burdened; tight jaw and tense look. King of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lord Protector of the Realm, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms. And Azor Ahai too (what Melisandre believes, probably mistakenly).
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Hmmm ... might be a bit too cheerful looking for Stannis Baratheon, but this is definitely an excellent portrait!;)

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The one true king!

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Knight-BIshopHobbyist Writer

One realm, one god, one king

all hail Stannis

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Oznerol-1516Hobbyist Digital Artist

The most cruelly butchered char in the show alongside WHOLE Dorne.

One of my favorite characters!

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Knight-BIshopHobbyist Writer

Indeed that is was why I made an OC that is devoted to Stannis’s cause