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Khosrau II Parviz, hunting

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Khosrau II, or Chosroes II, shahensha of the Sassanid Empire here is depicted hunting boars, as it was carved in Taq-e-Bostan ([link]), I followed the original design but added few elements, like a sassanid-golden-belt with sword and few garments, but the rest follows, more or less faithfully the scene. You may know this scene was already painted by Angus Mcbride, to whom I copied the king's head-dress and some cloth in the belt, but nothing more, he even reduced the number of the king's attendants from four to three. I think this is the second artwork of a series I would name "Kings at hunting", being the first "Jahangir hunting on elephant":[link], which I may update in order to be more symilar to this one. Khosrau nearly defeated the byzantines but was instead crushed by the great emperor Heraclius, but that exhausted both empires and precipitated the muslim conquest.
Hope you'll like this.

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