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John the Fearless, Jean Sans Peur

By Oznerol-1516
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Duke of Burgundy, member of the House of Valois, relentless and ambitious, even merciless, he achieved the full control of France, thanks to the insanity of Charles VI, in whose name he ruled, de facto being the king, albeit shortly, because he was killed in the turmoil that waged through France in that stages of Hundred Years War, with the nobility divided in Armagnacs and Burgundians, both branches of the Royal Family. A cunning politician and tactician he played with the many sides in conflict, including the English. Here I depicted him acordingly his portrait but in full armour, with a long tabard with his heraldic device.

I did it pretty fast, and I think it ended quite well. I played with reflections and metallic surfaces mainly.

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really cool!!!

the details are awesome, as usual :) and I like how you made his expression match his cunningness!