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Constantine The Great

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He rised from the ashes of the Tetrarchy, a system he contributed to destroy, as the new sole emperor of the roman world. A succesful tactician and ruler, defeated all his enemies, like Maxentius and was one of the responsibles of both Milan's Edict and the Nicea Ecumenic Council in 325. He partly restored the greatness of old, and stabilizing the roman empire for many years to come. He founded the new capital, Constantinople, the Queen of the Cities, which became an authentic metropolis. He was baptized in christian faith somewhat, somehow, some say Constantius I or Helena, his fathers, were already christian, others say he did it on his deathbed. He has a darker side as the commanded the death of his first son and his second wife, and was pretty ruthless.
In a way or another is as fascinating as his whole dinasty.

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chevre está padre el dibujo
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This is great!! Very colorful and detailed. I find Constantine to be a very fascinating figure and one of the most important rulers in history.
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Glad you think so! I focus both in bright colours and detailing, so thanks for noticing.
So I think about Constantine, if not I would not portray him.
Thanks a lot for leaving a comment.
Much appreciated.