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Chalke Church

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John Tzimiskes built a two-storied church over the Chalke Gate, the main acess to the Constantinople's Imperial Palace, in conmemoration of his victory over the Rus'. The chapel survived until the XIX century, when it was demolished, at many others byzantine monuments in the city. John was buried in there in a magnificent grave. We have a schematic view of it in a ottoman miniature from 1526. The emperor's attire is again from the Bamberg's byzantine silk labarum, as he was in a triumphator robes. The Imperial guardsmen were done with the reference of Osprey's work about Imperial Guard, wonderfully illustrated, which noted Basil's Psalter as reference, which I also used. The church was done after researching a bit of byzantine architecture (Byzantium1200 web page was trully useful in there). In the background, Hagia Irene, probably the oldest church in the city (built by Constantius II). The floor and the perspective were a pain in the ass, but I think was more less successful.


Ps:It's huuuuge... Fiuu...
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This looks really great! The detail and persepctive are wonderfull here and I really enjoyed reading the history of this building, it is a great shame how much of Constantinople has been destroyed... Still, thank you for bringing up the memory of this place, great work!
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Thanks, perspective was incredibly difficult to do, since I'm not really an expert painting straigh line with the drawing table, you know. Yes, Constantinople was the most beautiful city in the whole Medieval Era, and a living monument of Byzantium. At least we shall rejoice that some of her bits are still with us like Hagya Sophia, or smallest places, like Porphyrogenitus Palace.
Thanks to you for visiting and leaving comment.

Ps:You've a trully nice gallery I must say...
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beautiful!!! I really must learn from your clothes... need to improve my drawing :)
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Ozneral-1516 Byzantine ride as I see it!What drugs are you on?I want them too...Just joking .-)

And once again
a wonderful piece of art
especially shining with details and respect for historical reality which is mirrored also in the case of Chalke gate,because you dont just simply and slavishly painted it as it is represented  in BYZANTIUM 1200 website(which is great on its own of course)but actually added some details that are not shown on Byzantium 1200 website reconstruction but are well known to exist there- like figural mosaic decoration.

Byzantium 1200 mostly focus its attention on what is known for sure so its textures are
rather austere and spartan but it is 100 % certain real Byzantium was much more colorful and richly decorated as it is apparent from what is left from byzantine art and written desciption.
To me its something like Minas Tirith of the real world.

I think that this particular picture of yours is calling for a colored version!
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Yes, I think so, but for being on Byzantine ride you don't need any drug, Byzantium is as awesome as inspiring.
Thanks! Glad you think so (that is historical), and the Byzantium 1200 model, being awesome, is plain and it's two story church too simple, such I added a more geometrical design for it. Yes! Byzantine buildings were impresive to behold, with mosaic, frescoes, statues, and even the brich design was artistically done. For example, the Pantokrator mosaic over the gate itself was a must! So I did paint it, while Byzantium1200 doesn't show it. I also used as reference an ottoman miniature which was very helpful, and showed the main features of the building.

Yes, coloured, but I would suck painting all that stone and brick surfaces, which I have never tried...


Ps: I have a new artwork, nor Byzantine, but... Yaroslav the Great! 
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Tomorrow I will probably also post rest of that limitanei painting .-)
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