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Battle of Muhlberg

By Oznerol-1516
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24th April, 1547. The Schmalkaldic League (Saxony, Brünswick, Hesse, the Palatinate, Bremen and Lübeck) fielded an army against his true lord, Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor, who had an army composed of Spanish Tercios and german Landsknechts, and also both his leadership and those of the Duke of Alba, Fernando Álvarez de Toledo, who was a stern and cunning commander. It was a soundly defeat for the rebellious german nobles, who had to bow before Charles. The battle is perhaps more known for the equestrian portrait of Charles that Titian did, but while the harness and the emperor's likeness is real everything else is propaganda. The emperor went to battle crried on litter as he was suffering a painful gout attack, who disabled him from ride on horse. Here I depicted the emperor in the chair, but with full armour, carried by four imperial guardsmen (based on Tunis campaign tapestry), and sorrounded by two Landsknechts, a pikeman and the Duke of Alba.

Osprey's plates proved very useful for painting the Landsknechts, and both of them were done using as reference those illustrations.


Ps: Another Charles V related artwork here (about the imperial election, 1519): oznerol-1516.deviantart.com/ar…
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 This really does take 'Armchair Strategy' to the next level! (I honestly suspect that one of the major reasons fiction is so popular is that Fictional Characters have the courtesy not to strain credibility in the same way real live Historical Personalities often did!).;) (Wink) 

 Please forgive my flippant quip, Master Oznerol, this really is a rather excellent image and I have yet to compliment you historical reconstructions to the degree that I should for which I can only offer further apology and finally set to complimenting them!
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Oh my gosh, this is great!
I recognize many of the faces in there. It's always good to use woodcuts as inspiration. ;P
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Thanks! And very glad you liked my humble artwork, and indeed, it is always good!

Thanks also for leaving comment and faving.

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really cool!!

I'm happy you draw this scene realistically :)
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Thanks Mina (how I answered this soooo late?) Nevermind, thanks a lot.
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most welcome :)

it's never late :)
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