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Agamemnon, king of Mycenae, leader of the Achean Greeks that sieged and destroyed the city of Troy. He's the brother of Menelaus, husband of Helen, whose abduction started the decade-long Trojan War. For his appareance I had to research quite a bit. The armor is described by Homer: "The armor had ten strips of black enamel as well as twelve strips made of gold and 20 made of tin (...) Enamel snakes lay toward the neck, three on each side, similar to the rainbows that the son of Kronos places in the clouds as a signal for men". And he also commented on the sword scabbard, the lenght of the cuirass, the presence of a belt and the decoration of the sword's hilt. He rides a typical "box chariot", a symbol of status for the Mycenaean kings of the time, it's covered in cow's hide, but that's something that will come with the coloring.

I consulted this:
And Osprey's books:
D'AMATO, Raffaele, SALIMBETI, Andrea. Bronze Age Greek warrior, 1600-1100 BC. Oxford: Osprey Publishing, 2011.
FIELDS, Nic. Bronze Age War Chariots. Oxford: Osprey Publishing, 2006.
The first is illustrated by Giuseppe Rava and the second by Brian Delf.
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MoonyMinaHobbyist General Artist

truly awesome!!! I love the details and the composition!

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Most Excellent! I look forward to seeing the coloured version of this illustration, but even now this looks like an Agamemnon worthy to appear in AGE OF BRONZE!:nod:

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GabbanocheHobbyist Traditional Artist

Great work!

A approve of all Iliad illustrations :D

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Oznerol-1516Hobbyist Digital Artist

Thanks a lot, as always, Gabbanoche! Who doesn't love a bit of Iliad in their artistic lifes? I mean, people have been depicting those chars for more than two thousand years, they're so appealing and atractive. I want to make Menelaus, Achilles, Odysseus and maybe Ajax the Great (I always liked his sorry ass).

Also, I revisited your gallery to refresh my memory and oh my my, never disappointed. I'm so looking forward to what you could submit next! Missing your artworks!

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GabbanocheHobbyist Traditional Artist

Well put my friend!

Theres so many to choose from. Perosonaly I've always held a soft spot of Hector, but as you said there are so many good ones. Looking forward to see who you'll do next.

Thank you very much, really gladdens me to hear you say this friend.

Unfortunately I've been in a terrible dryspell and busy with life. But I should have some simpler stuff laying around, but nothing too special I'm afraid.

But who knows, maybe I'll be back at it again some day :)