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Ajay - reference by ozcrystal Ajay - reference by ozcrystal
Full name: Ajay Benson
Nickname: Ajay
Sex/Gender: Male/Male
Age: 37
Height: 190 cm
Sexual orientation: Bisexual
Relationship status: Single

The world he lives in is after the third world war and there were nuclear bombs and such so there's a lot of abandoned and dangerous places. The government of USA (and basically the whole world but the story takes place in America so..) split the country into different districts and built huge walls around each district to keep people safe from the radioactive, who-knows-what outside. People can still move and travel from district to district but only with train since any other way isnt safe. There are guards which protects the wall and make sure no one leaves and so the wrong people wont enter. 

He and Lynn are best friends and they do everything together. Ajay is also a part of the assassin group, he's a very skilled sniper. Besides being an assassin he works as a doctor on a hospital. His stabile surgeon hands makes both the surgeries and aiming with the sniper rifle easier. He loves to listen to music and sing & dance along. he's funny and talks quite a lot, which can be annoying at times. He kinda dislikes Brandon and liks to argue and just be annoying to him. He can be very cocky and ignorant at times and can have mood swings. 
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