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Lord of The Rings Chibi's by OzCat5 Lord of The Rings Chibi's :iconozcat5:OzCat5 6 2 Charles Mesure by OzCat5 Charles Mesure :iconozcat5:OzCat5 2 6 Angel Heart - First Concept by OzCat5 Angel Heart - First Concept :iconozcat5:OzCat5 1 3 Zachary Levi Sketch by OzCat5 Zachary Levi Sketch :iconozcat5:OzCat5 2 3
A SOLDIERS WIFE - By: Angela Price  (2000)
I can hear the sound of those big wheels turning
Down on the farm you see the canefields burning
And I'm waiting here for my baby to come back home
For half a year now I've been sad and lonely
Living alone in this great big country
Dreaming of the day when my baby comes back home
Listening to the dogs as they start their barking
Hoping that it aint at chickens or something
Praying that they're barking cause my babies come back home
Here he is, walking right up to me
Looking me in the eye and waiting for a smile
Here he comes, coming back home to me
Never again will my baby ever roam
My babies come back home
My soldiers come back home
:iconozcat5:OzCat5 1 3
Alone I sit again, thinking, of what I left behind
My home, my friends and family, and still you come to mind
I left you there alone again, now I'm on my own again
In a place that once held all our love
So true and pure it came like a fairytale
Like the ones that always start with 'Once upon a time'
But that storybook ending, what happened to it, I can see you there, just thinking of it
Perhaps love was never lost, and do I come to mind
If you're thinking of me, tell me, I'll return to you again
To my home and to my family and to my long lost friends
Forever our love will be as one, a love to build our lives upon
And never again alone will we be
I can see you there again, thinking, of what you lost yesterday
Someone to love and cherish you, forever in every way
The emptiness I found in me, was burning up inside of me
Until once again I gave….
Until to you I finally gave…..
Until to you I gave all my love
Until to you I g
:iconozcat5:OzCat5 1 2
MY ETERNITY - By: Angela Price  (May 2000)
A warm summer night, rain through the window
Lying awake, it's almost tomorrow
But what is the future like? And what will tomorrow bring?
When there's one year left, 'til Im gone
I'm one in this world, a life that is fading fast
Where are they now? My friends, lost in the past
A wet washy Sunday, Eight months full of pain
It's a long life I've lived, but a short time remains
I think of all my memories and who will keep them strong
As a reminder of my existence when I gone
I'm one in this world, I am all alone
My friends were forever, but they're gone
A dry winter morning, cold white world of walls
Confined to this bed, detached faces, unknown souls
Where is tomorrow and what does it hold for me?
Where are they now? My family, In my Eternity
:iconozcat5:OzCat5 1 3
PERFECT WORLD - By: Angela Price  (Pre 2000)
The day has come to all join hands and be together as one
A world of Nations undivided with Truth and Peace and Love
A world to grow our dreams out of
A world to show our children of
the love we share and understand
A world where people care
Cause all our life we've been living in a world of decadence
A world of war, of blood and tears, of hate and fear and sin
The evil lurks behind the wall, the bridge is falling down
The wall we're building's tall as a steeple, let's bring that steeple down, to the ground
and make;
A world to grow our dreams out of
A world to show our children of
the love we share and understand
A world where people care
So let's join hands and let's join hearts and reunite again
To form a world of Love and Peace and Truth we understand
A world to grow our dreams out of
A world to show our children of
the love we share and understand
A world where people care
:iconozcat5:OzCat5 1 2
VICIOUS WOLRD - By: Angela Price (pre 2000)
I want you here, right here with me
Your love for me is plain to see
So stay forever, forever in love
Yes forever in love, In love with me
Cause we're living in a vicious world
Where what we want is not allowed
Yes, we're living in a vicious world
Where our love can't be
Now I'm looking for someone new
After confessing my love for you
My kinfolk say you are a fool
But I reckon you're oh so cool
Although I want you and you want me
You know as I do it can never be
The world we see, the world we know
The things we want and never show
We can't be sure
That the world is neverending sorrow
And we want more
Of lovers and peace to follow
We can't be sure
Of what we want anymore
Cause we're living in a vicious world
Where what we want is not allowed
Yes, we're living in a vicious world
Where our love can't be
:iconozcat5:OzCat5 1 3
MOLLY  - By: Angela Price (2000)
When Molly was a young girl, barely five years old
One stormy night they came to me seeking shelter from the cold
That night while she was sleeping her Daddy passed away
At dawns first light when she woke up to start a brand new day
I could not bare to tell her, I could not tell her why
Her Daddy went to Heaven a way up in the sky
"Your Daddy's up in Heaven" was all that I could say
She bowed her head to God above and then I heard her pray
Lord who'll look after Molly, can I go to you
To this place called Heaven, my Mommy lives there too
I want to go to Heaven and be there by their side
Please take me up to Heaven, she cried.............Lord she cried !
Twas years ago that Molly and her Daddy came to me
Through cheerful smiles and laughter I helped her to be free
Free from all her sorrows and memories of the past
And free to make a future, a future that will last
Now who'll look after Molly, Oh Molly can't you see
The Angels up in Heaven are w
:iconozcat5:OzCat5 1 2
A SONG FOR MOTHER - By: Angela Price (May 2000)
Time goes swiftly by and my memories to my surprise
Find me wandering way back to the years that have gone by
The blessings of my childhood, I remember it was grand
With Easter eggs and Christmas trees and playing in the sand
Amongst the fun and laughter within those joyous years
I found a fonder memory beneath my sobs and tears
'Twas my mother in her younger days, a beauty to behold
Memories of her smiling face and stories that she told
I turned fifteen just months before my mother passed away
Never to forget the words of wisdom she relayed
She gave her heart to me and with eager ears I listened
And in a pool of tears a portrait of her glistens
Now that I'm all grown up and can better understand
I find the time before me is now at my command
I'll go and sing my heart out and find my destiny
And still remember all my life the reason why I sing
I sing just for my mother because she taught me how
And because I know that she is listening to
:iconozcat5:OzCat5 0 3
Self Portrait by OzCat5 Self Portrait :iconozcat5:OzCat5 1 1
The Burning Flame
THE BURNING FLAME - By: Angela Price (1991-1993)
Across the flowing river, and over the brow of the hill
I saw him in the distance, there, now see him if you will
His face was like a nightmare, his eyes were hollows of fright
Look hard into the distance, there, for now he's in the light
My wish was for his survival, though, this day became his end
Gaze hard into the distance at the sky above my friend
It is red as a burning fire, it is a red hot burning flame
It dwells high over the horrid bodies like clouds about to rain
You saw him in the distance, where you watched him while he bled
It's over now, do you see him there, look yonder he is dead
My friend walked o'er the hills alone with hatred in his head
For war had set his country down upon a fiery bed
She burnt till ash was falling, the sky was bloody hot
His heart was slowly melting and his body it did rot
War had taken from him the one love he possessed
And now his c
:iconozcat5:OzCat5 1 2
On The Run No More
ON THE RUN NO MORE - By: Angela Price (1991)
The sky was dark that fateful night
And on the ground and awful sight
Then came a loud and raucous bellow
Blood so red on skin of yellow
The troopers turned and by their side
They looked to where the young girl died
Not believing what they'd done
Belle was killed while on the run
Then with a god almighty roar
Ben woke up and at the door
He stood real still, then fired a shot
And hoped to kill the bloody lot
When finished was he, he looked and found
His Belle was lying on the ground
Her skin was pale, so very white
Oh, how it changed that dreadful night
The Ben lay down by his friend
And with a knife he thought he'd send
His soul away ….. Right down to hell
And now there's no-one left to tell
What really happened on that night
Oh, what a sinful sight
Is it true that Ben had fell
Or did he die to be with Belle.
:iconozcat5:OzCat5 1 1
Along the Old Bush Tracks
ALONG THE OLD BUSH TRACKS - By: Angela Price (1991)
Along the old bush tracks
The swagmen use to roam
Inclined to work we're they could
For swagmen had no homes
Along the old bush tracks
So very long ago
Upon the hill the sun would rise
The wild free winds would blow
I remember all those times
In my head they are so clear
The memories of my childhood
The sadness and the cheer
Memories, Yes that's them
To think I still have fun
Though through decadence and war
Our freedom is undone
With freedom taken from us
Our safety now diminished
Locked within our shuttered lives
Where no-one else is trusted
Along the old bush tracks
So very long ago
No-one cared about those
Who'd come or those who'd go
I remember now and then
The happy times are fewer
But those I still have left
I will cherish them forever
:iconozcat5:OzCat5 0 1
The Seeds of Life
THE SEEDS OF LIFE - By: Angela Price (1990)
The seeds have now fallen, upon the long distant highway.
Embedded in the earth, for many a quiet time.
Waiting …… Listening …..
For the rain to urge their pure buds out in the sunny day.
The rain is now falling, showering the seeds with new life.
They now grow beautifully in the worlds finest garden.
Waiting …. Listening …..
For the worlds fertilizer to feed their hungry petals.
The fertilizer then pollinates the lovely flowers.
The seeds of life are fed, secretly hidden away.
Waiting ….. Listening …..
For the wind to start their journey, flying free in the breeze.
The seeds have now fallen upon the long distant highway.
This—the highway of life. Until one day they, themselves
Will give precious new life
A chance to travel the highway and blossom in the garden.
:iconozcat5:OzCat5 2 1



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Angela Price
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I went digging around in my bookshelf until I found my old briefcase with all my song books including my Original Compositions.  WOW!!!! I forgot I had even written some of them.  Only a couple were printed, and I only performed about 3 of them ever.  The printed ones indicated I had put them on the computer, so I figured I would have to type the rest up before uploading here.

I went digging around in my computer for the ones which were typed and found a whole bunch of them I had already begun inputting, but not printed.  In fact the only ones not there where the couple that had previously been printed.  Obviously they were stored somewhere else.  I added then to the collective for safe keeping.

I decided to upload them all here but without the music chords etc...

Some are pretty poor and others I like the lyrics.  Most of my songs either have good music or good lyrics but not both :(

Anyway, even though I know some are not good, I would be happy to get some feedback on them, as I am not apposed to rewritting existing works, A couple of these have already been rewritten a few times.
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