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The 2009 Tori Amos RAINN Benefit Calendar is available for purchase!

And I have a month in it! <3

Oh and :iconcypherx: is in it too!!!

It also features such top shelf comic talent as Dan Brereton, Lee Moyer, David Mack, and Mike Dringenberg, as well as illustrators such as Kazuhiko Sano and Sterling Hundley.

Don't miss your opportunity to order this stunning calendar, benefiting RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network). Includes a bonus poster by Lee Moyer.

To order go here:…

Come on, it makes a great Holiday Gift! You know it! lol BUY IT!
It's for a good cause! :heart:

luvs <3
:iconip2much: :iconjezebel::iconcypherx::iconsomk::iconkyena::iconhenning:
My new website is up:

Check out the new painting when you pass by... ;)

luvs <3
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It doesn't hurt to announce I've just entered the latter half of my 20's.

I'm happy I've made it through literally the worst year of my life.
So I gladly and joyously say: "Good Bye 25". It can't get worse than this.
Since I still look in my teens, I have enough of a good security blanket to be proud of myself and my diligent, persevering, disciplined water consumption and expensive beauty product usage. I love Ebel Paris Libertage system, among other sweet eye creams.

During this year I:

-Met my current partner, whom I love deeply and who has shown me that perhaps humans still have something to give.

-Experienced severe physical and mental health complications, the most bothersome being: depression (of the major kind).

-Lost my best friend to a psycho coke-head murderer in Chinatown, who then slept with her naked corpse for three days, extirpating from my life one of the most important persons ever, the one person who knew me the most, and part of my family.

-Restated my belief that 'most people suck'.

-Found out who my real friends are and regained even more love and appreciation for them.

-Went through Paxil and learned my lesson during the withdrawal. The little voices are not as fun as I always imaged them to be.

-Restated my belief that faith works just the same way for everything, especially science  & developed even more love for good old Nietzsche & Jung quotes.

-Completely lost my faith in general elitist scientific thinking the last week when I grabbed National Geographic Explorer and restated my intuitions about Animal Intelligence and how freakishly superior and narcissistic the whole human race is...I was humbled again, and I cried for good old lost animal/pet friends...

-Lost all will and impetus to be creative, to which my muse revenged in a true story I will tell shortly.

-Got even more cabin fever about living in this goddamn forsaken accursed island...and between its people...

-Got an even cooler haircut and now I have nifty blue, purple and green streaks in it...with a celeb stylist and all that jizz.

The loss of a Wacom Intuos 2 12 x 12

So I've been totally distracted, absent minded, floating up in the clouds, and behaving stupidly due to Paxil withdrawal. To the point where I almost pulled a Heath Ledger, thanks to distraction. I fucking swallowed an extra dose of sleeping pills without even noticing... and I had to finger my throat to empty my stomach. WATCH OUT LINDSAY LOHAN!!!

So after spending the last few days of 'Holy Weak', which is the local spring break... at my partner's parents' house... and packing everything up so that we could come back to his apartment... I found out that maybe not everything was in the car after all!

Around two minutes going out of the urbanization, and finally reaching the 'highway' called "Expreso Trujillo"... once we turned the wheel to take the 'curve'and a turn to the left...

I heard the sweet and peaceful crash of a neglected object.
My Wacom Tablet Intuos 2 12 x 12 was happily surfing on top of the car, when it lost its balance and ended up falling off it's 'surfing board'.

My partner stoped the car and I just picked it up in three pieces.
No emotion whatsoever. I sat on the side rail...looked to the heavens and
I just said to myself: What else will I lose?

Not my virginity, that was lost a long time ago...

So seriously, happy motherf****** freaking well-deserved birthday to me. F*CK!

I'm accepting fashionable Jockstraps as long as they aren't Calvin Klein; I decided CK underwear is a turn off since 3 years ago. I will model if you send some. Ask me in private for my mailing address.

If you want to make my day and celebrate with me, it's very easy & simple:

-Watch one of the last movies I ever saw with Lorna (R.I.P.), my best friend:
1. Fur, A Portrait of Diane Arbus
2. Wicker Park
3. Marie Antoinette
4. The House of Flying Dagger (it was our shared favorite)
5. Evening (ironically, the last movie we ever saw together at a movie theatre)

Or drink some of her favorite wines:
1. Pinot Noir
2. Plum Wine

Listen to her latest song hookups:
1. Bang Bang (Sinatra or Cher)
2. Little Amsterdam &/or Leather by Tori Amos

1. Chocolate Cake: preferably "American Beauty"
2. Sushi rolls.

1. Out to a Goth party where they play mainly electronica and dress sexy goth punk and classy.

Wish me:
1. Success & Peace.

Love you all for reading this shite. :blowkiss:

P.S.: I got a Wacom Intuos 3 9 x 12 already! I'll I need to do is kick depression in the gut and do some well deserved painting.

luvs <3
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Yes, even I have one of my own (so I can tease and make fun of this as much as I want): the infamous/famous "Girl/Lady/Princess/Woman/Female/Androgenous Boy In the Forest".

It should be a category on its own under digital art, painting and airbrushing.

Why? Here is why:

- It's a very popular genre unto itself. It's very linked to fashion advertising. It should be recognized for all the hardwork over the years!

- Every digital artist does one at the very least, one time or the other.

- It's usually misplaced under 'Fantasy'- What the hell is so fantastic about a woman or a girl, in a ball-gown, or wedding dress or any other fashion item posing in a forest with some trinket in her hand? Will somebody explain to me? We are missing something here...  

- Hinders the browsing under the category itself, go look for "fantasy" or "surreal" and all you get are ladies in the forest. WTF?

And questions to the genre itself:

- Why would she be in such an expensive clothing item in the forest?

- Doesn't she think that her dress will mess up? GIRL, don't go there! All that mud threatening to stain your skirt, twigs and evil branches ready to rip your cloth into shreds, animal droppings, rocky scratches for your shoes, the probability of getting a rain shower, burr seeds... THINK OF THE DRY CLEANING BILLS!!!  

- Why do they sit down on dirty stuff? Think of the dress!!! Geez

- Or the other side: why is she naked in the forest? OMG don't you get cold? Usually their nipples don't show any sign of environmental effect. If only characters could talk!... LOL I bet there would  be some complaints.

Even with the usual factors above the dresses are usually sparkling clean. This must be the magic and fantasy of it all! Perhaps the magic tree of Cinderella is always sneaking in the background!

Well, this journal from this point on is officially and hereby declared: Art-Related and DeviantArt Community Issues Only.

Why?: Some people are being assholes. And they are being assholes to some of my friends nonetheless! I do take it personal.

Talking about personal... those of you who are interested on a more personal contact, can go find me in either LJ, Myspace, etc. If you don't have my add and wish to, just go ahead ask me through a Note. I'm nice (unless I haven't had my coffee), you can ask around. ;)

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Otanjoubi Omedetou Gozaimasu!

Mon Oct 16, 2006, 4:11 AM
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Happy Birthday R.Ikeda :iconip2much: !!! <3

aishiteru mieko hime sama,

luvs <3

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Most common way of organizing your Curriculum for artistic or related endeavors.

Name and Surname(s)

Artistic Name (if it differs from your real name)

Directions (Postal and Electronic) and Phone Numbers

Job or Program applying for (no more than 3 sentences)

Country and Date of Birth (It's used in artistic curriculums to place your provenience and generation)

-University Studies/Degrees or personal degrees in art- starting from the highest one, inversed chronological order. You do not include inferior studies to your superior (university) education ones.

*You can include the names of professors and eminent artists with whom you have studied or participated in honor programs with (Dean's List) or exchange.

Skills * This is not used in artistic curriculums pertaining to obtaining expositions at galleries or museums.*
-You only include relevant skills. Example: Computer Programs, Spoken Languages (specifying if you speak, read, write in them)

Work Experience *This is not used in artistic curriculums pertaining to obtaining expositions at galleries or museums.*
-Inversed chronological order starting with the newest job experience. Recent graduates can include part time, summer, or free-lance jobs.

Title and position according to the official job description and brief description of the tasks.

Individual Expositions & Collective Expositions
-This is obligatory in artistic curriculums, optional in jobs if it's relevant to the aspired position. It is also done in inversed chronological order. You can either list them in chronological order mingling individual & collectives or separate them by cathegory.

Commissions or Collaborations
-Also obligatory in artistic curriculums, optional if relevant to the job or not. Again, it's written in inversed chronological order.

Grants & Dotes
ONLY professional ones, not scholarships for studying.

-This is essential in artistic curriculums.

Collections in where your artwork is in. (public or corporative- if it's in a private collection you need permission from the private collector to be mentioned)

- Include published literary works about you the artist, or by you. The chosen bibliographical format should be consistent in all the entries. (The Modern Language Association model is recommended).

-You DO NOT write names or phone numbers neither directions.
-The references can be professionals, supervisors, professors, etc.- as long as they are not blood related- the requirement is for them to really know your artwork and character.
1. Prior permission to refer them must be obtained.
2. If a formulary exists, the solicitor (you) has to fill in the required fields.
3. You have to deliver any reference inside an envelope with the names of the recipient, and if not delivered in person- of course take care of any postal requirements that your reference will need to get your reference to your human resources, interviewer, supervisor- the one giving you the job...
4. If a written formulary doesn't exist you have to include all the necessary information:
a. recipient's name with complete direction
b. date in which the recommendation should be delivered.  
c. official title of the job or graduate program soliciting
d. postal stamps.

Other specifications: the graphic and typographic design of a curriculum, while it should reflect your artistic capacity, it should be clear and legible over anything else. Italics are ONLY used to emphasize; the same goes with underlining- which should be only for titles and such. The curriculum should be written by computer and printed in the best quality possible- on quality paper, white, cream or light grey. It's permitted to use high quality photocopies. The shorter it is the better with adequate margins (1.5 inches in the superior margin, 1" in the rest). If it's necessary more than one page, you have to include your name on every superior margin to the right or left side. You only number pages starting with 2- first page is never numbered.

luvs <3

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Warning: this is written in second person point of view- if you don't know what this is, review your grammar lessons. I'm not referring or attacking anyone in specific. If the hat fits, well...wear it then, if it doesn't: you won't be affected- have fun!

Ah yes, some of you may want to get into the *REAL* Art World...
You know, that strata of real society that is outside the confines of your computer room, bedroom, living room, cubicle... (Ok you choose there. I may've forsaken basements and S&M chambers and other spatial surroundings).

Let's face it… as much as I love this internet cyberspace thingy, the joneses are not really cybernetic yet. You put your art for free up here (very noble and conceptualist let me say) so every geek, freak, teen, bored mother, procrastinating corporate worker, otaku, and in some cases- other artists can see and steal and use it as they may- but that doesn't pay the bills (you are probably the one paying +/-$30 to let them portray your work- somehow this doesn't quite work in my head…I do the art, and I have to pay THEM to use MY art? Hmmm… )

"Oh but I sell prints! I sell prints! I am the awesomestestezz!"

You are only fooling yourself. Really, who buys that lie except yourself? Wow, $25 for a print of unique creative expression with a cultural dent?

Well, let's be realistic: kitschy art of ladies and princesses dressed in bridal magazine attire going melodramatically into the forest, posing better than Glamour and Vogue magazine (you sure love buying those big huge Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer fashion editions don't you?) models surrounded by flowers (without taking in consideration the symbolism that different kinds of flowers carry since ancient times- ruining your work and most of the time making it so kitsch it almost crosses into camp). You must know people do go to places like Borders and other nice Magazine stands…or are plagued by our proverbial excitedly obsessive bride-to-be-friends who can't decide if they want fuchsia or lime green motifs- we do see them dresses. Would you please give some credit to fashion designers, they are artists too! If you do want to make kitsch art, I've got news for you: Odd Nerdrum has changed the policies of the movement. Better go read and instruct yourself.

Well can't blame you since TV and Video Game Consoles don't really polish your wittle yummy puny zombie-edible brains into art history and the such… Therefore can't really expect to put your talents to better uses and you simply choose to go with the flow into the drowning ocean of fools- imitating everything without conscious notice (it's ok to imitate as long as you know what you are doing and dealing with!).

Art that matters- art that does say something to humanity- takes education- be it from life experience or formal. Are you giving of yourself or are you trying to feed us 'monkey-see monkey-do" bullshit? Sure, it looks pretty alright, but who cares? A signifying dent into humanity and culture means and takes creating art with spirit/soul/depth/importance (you name it).

Of course most of you just want to get paid for illustrating the newest cd cover, video/computer game, sci-fi/fantasy/horror book-cover, and lately just be a sweatshop-slave-worker to the "brilliance" of directors who only need your skills to steal your vision and claim all the credit/glory…Really, if you aren't the director himself, who fucking cares about the storyboard/conceptual artists…since most of them work under companies and it's the company that gets the credit, not you…the real creator.

Even better, some sure have seen the famous challenges of a certain famous site… the last one is just too precious. I love the cultish way that place works. They even get you to do it all for free…for "glory"- and for Corel Painter IX.5? You must be joking right?

While talentless hacks are selling 'abstract' art in the thousands, photography and digital prints over the $500 each in the galleries out there- you are all battling for fame and glory and corel painter. etc. You'll produce real professional illustrative work for a computer and Painter IX.5. Think…again- if you can employ that action of course. If not, good luck and go easy on the coffee.    

Ah, yes, most of these talent-less skill-less hacks happen to have a degree in superior education…they have a certain advantage in social recognition. Mostly comes from the fact that they had the money (or indebted themselves enough) to get it but you get the idea...right?

Here's a clue: A real talent with a degree is better than a talent-less hack with one; but, a talent-less hack with a degree (for the curators and collectors and the Medici of today) is always better than a talent without education …oops.

So, where were we? Ah, yes! Making art that matters. Art that has cultural (international &/or national) significance. Art that makes a dent in history. Most of you have what it takes. Others could get what you are lacking to have what it takes. Your essential tool is to support your technical education with your informational/knowledge-based education.

This could mean:

-Getting out of your room more often; fresh air and some sun is good for your health.

-Visiting the accessible expositions to know what other artists and artisans, architects, etc. are creating (of all kinds, not only art)

-Reading other magazines apart from Vogue, Glamour, Modern Bride, Bridal Guide, Cosmopolitan, Bazaar, ImagineFX, Animerica, (just to name a few) and such …

-Reading something more than manga and comic books. (How about some real literature for good-old-times sake? Junk-food-books are also acceptable from time to time- but they tend to fatten your brain so beware)

-You could choose to undergo formal art school education, B.A. or B.F.A. and if you happen to survive, M.F.A. (a rest in between levels is recommended too)

-You can home-school yourself, but you better have enough capacity for self-leading and good analysis. By the way, Wikipedia sure is a nice shortcut (especially for the lazy), but quoting without knowing doesn't count. Stop drinking filtered information. Go to the sources and make up your own conclusions.

-Hone your senses, vision, audition, taste, touch, smell.

-Listen to REAL music for once. Yes, real music, from real musical artists- not record sellers. Listen to what they have to say, what they bring with their music, what they do. Emo and gothic and hardcore lyrics or campy pop-shit is good to have fun, but please, don't expect anyone to take you seriously if you mold your thoughts and way of working your mind with this. Music is not only lyrical, pay attention to the composition of the sounds itself. Educate yourself on the subject. Your music taste should not define who you are. Stop following trends. Choose for once, don't let them choose for you. Distinguish when you like something because it is force-fed to you by the media, and when you pretend to like something to fit into a group because you feel a need for classification and belonging in your life (tough yes- easier to be labeled than to be non-prized social product) from when you really like something because it nourishes your being... When you can be clear with all of this (what you like, what you learned to like and what you pretend to like so you are liked and 'in' and cool too)- you'll be able to discern other aspects of your life that work in the same way (what do you do unconsciously, what you imitate consciously and what is really yours). Also, go to live shows. Only then you know what is fake and made up with technology and what is really being created by the artist. If you can do this with music, you will be able to do it with visual arts.

-Turn Off the TV and go to a theatre play, or perhaps the ballet, the opera...a live tv show? It may be true the picture-box cuts off on your imagination. You'd be surprised how influenced you really are by the media...if you only think about it.

-Know your past, where do you come from- this means not only overall culture, but your family history. How many of you can say you know your family members well? (even if you dislike them- if you do, know thy enemy as they say)

The only way to make art that isn't merely superficial is to stop being a shallow superficial being. It's not that difficult really. You just need to put a little effort. (the world is more forgiving of lack of depth in teenagers...but if you passed your 20's and still behave like an airhead...)

After you wake up and are ready to stop being an "art"-producing-machine, victim to the publishing corporations… and you take conscience of who you are, and why you do art, and what for- so you can really call yourself an artist…then you are ready to enter another type of art business. ROFLMAO. Oh you thought it was all ice cream and butterflies? Magnetic-pin-stuck-copy-machine-paper artwork on the fridge? A lovely world! Delusions. Art has been linked to money since ancient times, and it won't ever stop being so. Accept it.

"Oh I just want people to see my art."

Good for you! Then, you are a hobbyist. You are a virus for the rest of us. You sell cheap. You just want to get published. You don't care about meaning, all you need is pretty pictures. You bring the rest of us down by underestimating your own art and selling cheap to the corporative wolves. Thank you! Really- in the face of adversity humanity does flourish and artists while weird are still part of it. But would you please rid us of your existence? Or start selling at the real value, thanks… If you are just a hobbyist, why not keep your art for yourself, there is no need for the world to see your enjoyment. Go back to your fridge and show your mom or boyfriend your lovely new art. A hobby is not to be taken seriously either way…so why do you need a public?

If you are not a hobbyist, and you are indeed real artists…then you've enrolled into quite a nice martial arts event:

First fight: Illustration/Concept Art vs. Art: Do not fret, it's not that complicated. There is the art of illustrating- it means you are accompanying visually a story by portraying elements from it. Main problem: "This is my character Puck, and he is fierce, and is in love with Fiona and they are part of my world"- so where is this world you speak of? Will you please include the text so we can validate it as real illustration?  Who cares about your goddamn characters if only YOU know them? Furthermore, what makes your characters so important to the rest of us? Just because they are pretty doesn't mean they are valuable. When a character comments or gives a view or insight into society or human nature and also displays your own personality, then it is when it acquires validation. Your art is all about you. It sounds narcissistic, but it is. It's the best extension to your being, your ideas, your personality, your spark…blah blah blah. When your illustrations acquire humane and cultural importance, then they pass to be what they call Art. It's just a little push, really. Another pinch of salt into the soup. Costs nothing.

Second Fight: What I Want vs. What attracts curators vs. What The Publishing Corporation Want because it sells.- The key here is to get to do what you want to do, being sure of who you are and what you want to do with your art and what you have to give to society- without giving in to prostitution. (Not that prostitution is a bad thing- prostitutes make really interesting characters let me say- if you haven't spoken with one you are missing on quite an experience- speaking ok, I didn't mean having intercourse!) On a personal note, yeah, the internet is full of art sluts. Are you one of them? Altering your whole self to fit into the general fantasies of the public and to sell your product? It is very difficult to attract a curator if you work is merely illustrative unless your literary work has some importance. How about making art without the need of text? You won't change your style, it's just that Puck passes to be The figure of the male chauvinist and Fiona is a representation of the Submissive but yet Rebellious female. If you know yourself well,  you will learn to recognize, value and express into and within archetypes and with time you will stop painting stereotypes and cliché (its good as long as you are doing camp or kitsch on purpose).

Third Fight: What I Want to Create Vs. What the Public(Viewer) Wants and Accepts: How many of you are censoring and hindering and castrating yourselves because you fear judgment from the religious bigots and other uneducated individuals that plague the internet? Your parents? Your friends? Your partner? If your friends or partner will bash or disapprove of you because of your real honest art, then perhaps you need a change of friends and partner. Your parents don't count as art critics unless they are professionals in the field of the visual arts (most elementary, junior high and high school art teachers don't count either). And who cares if this Mr. or Miss NOBODY flames you online and tells you are a disgusting heretic and will go to hell for it? I bet you've said FUCK YOU/OFF, in real life, so why not use it in these cases as well? What's stopping you? We are all conscious that to a degree if what you want to create is attuned with what the *buying public* wants you will sell more and gain more popularity. But here is when we go to a replay of fight 2: are you being yourself or are you just whoring? The ideal situation is to create something that is really you, and that is valuable- therefore it finds a consumer. Dignity and Honesty are virtues but you don't need them to sell, if all you care about is money. If money is the reason you do art…then you have to re-value your whole decision on why you chose this as a money making career. Since you won't probably leave a signifying mark in art history- leaving such imprint into art history and culture should be one of the main goals of every artist. If you can feed from it, even better.  

There are many other fights to be held, but these are the ones I wanted to pay attention to. If you are ready to go out there (yes you may have to leave your bedroom), and pushing your artwork to make it into the galleries (private or museum's), art auctions, monumental locations (not referring to graffitti here *lol* though it certainly deserves to be on certain monuments!), the really important books (these are found outside the fantasy/horror/science fiction section), etc.- this next information may be useful for you. Ah yes, and you didn't have to pay for it OMG, free stuff!!! <3

This format is used to contact galleries to request exhibitions, to contact sponsors and similar purposes. Hope it helps!

Essential Elements of a Creative Investigative Art Proposal
(Yes folks- an art proposal is seen as sort of investigation.)

1. Title (DUH!)

2. Introduction- General Presentation of the Concept to Investigate

3. Description of the Proposed Investigation
a. Historical and Theoretical Placement within Art History (define concepts if necessary)
b. Relation of the project with previous personal investigations
c. Importance of the investigation for your personal development (in terms of mayor comprehension of concepts and the amplification of possibilities of action)
d. Contribution to culture (national and international).

4. Methodology and Strategies- Technical and formal approaches- format, medium and body of work (quantity)

5. Work Plan (*specification of dates and sticking to the working schedule recommended)

6. Divulgation Plan- exposition, presentation, announcements- getting the public.

7. Budget- assistants, materials and equipment, expenses, etc

Common Errors in Art Proposals
1. Unintelligible Proposal- writing must be clear and logical
2. Incapacity Convincing Possible Sponsors of:
a. What you pretend to create/do/make
b. Your capacity to make it work/complete it
c. Of the importance of the project for you and for the sponsors
3. Incompletion of the deadlines established in your Work Plan
4. Imprecision in the writing.
5. Lack of clarity in the writing.
6. Weak Recommendations.
7. Lack of adequate planning regarding economical sponsorship
8. Expenses trouble.
9. Lack of relevant supplementary material.
10. Poor presentation- unprofessional, lack of formality
11. Uninteresting proposal.

luvs <3

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Here is a useful booklist for those interested in educating themselves further (and getting to their own conclusions)...

Atterberry, Gisele. Design Essentials: a Handbook. Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, N.J., 2000.

Barnet, Sylvan. A Short Guide to Writing About Art. 7th ed Longman: New York, 2002.

Bonami, Francesco. Echoes: Contemporary Art in the Age of Endless Conclusions. Monacelli Press, New York, NY, 1996.

Cochrane, Diane. The Business of Art. Watson-Guptill: Lakewood, N.J., 1998.

Crawford, Ted. Legal Guide for the Visual Artist/the Professional's Handbook. 2nd ed. Allworth Press: New York, 1994.

Goodman, Calvin. Art Marketing Handbook. Gee Tee Bee: Los Angeles, 1991.

Greenberg, Clement. Art and Culture: Critical essays. Beacon press: Boston, 1961.

Hall, Mary. Getting Funded: A Complete Guide to Proposal Writing. Portland state University, Portland, 1988.

Hooks, Bell. Art on My Mind: Visual Politics. The New Press, New York, N.Y., 1995.

Jackson, Zella. The Art of Selling Art. The Consultant Press: New York, N.Y., 1988.

Lang, Cay. Taking the Leap: Building a Career as a Visual Artist. Chronicle Books: San Francisco, 1998.

McCann, Michael. Artists Beware. Lyons and Burford: New York, 1992.

Michels, Caroll. How to Survive and Prosper as an Artist. Henry Holt & Co.: New York, 1992.

Persky, Robert. The Artists Guide to Getting and Having a Successful Exhibition. The Consultant Press: New York, 1995.

Sayre, Henry. Writing About Art. 4th ed. Prentice Hall: Englewood Cliffs, N.J., 2001.

Weintraub, Linda. Art on the Edge and Over: Searching for Art's Meaning in Contemporary Society: 1970's-1990's. Art Insights: Litchfield, 1996.

White, Virginia. Grant Proposals that Succeeded. The Plenum press: New York, 1993.

luvs <3

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Things To Collect From Life

Tue Feb 21, 2006, 6:54 PM
Some of the things to collect from life:
Coffee cups given by and to ex-partners :coffeecup:
Numbers and dates: 4s, 13s, 1s, :#1:
Memories of burning down the memories; :steaming:

A picture or two,  :gallery:
A never forgotten childhood object;  :teddy:
Worries, obsessions, ideals,  :stab:
Stories you never told,  :shh:
Stories always talked about,  :blahblah:
A few dark secrets and a few silly ones,  :crazy:
Loving someone you're not supposed to,  :cries:
(and loving loving him);  :devilish:
Pretensions, extensions, dedications,  :strip:
Long days, afternoons, nights and summers,  :bored:
Insomnia – hypersomnia and all the stress in between,  :frustrated:
That one test you were sure you'd ace but got it bad,  :hmm:
Like everything else in life,  :shrug:
Failure, fiascos, greatness and 'simply cools';  :drunk:
Tears on your pillows,  :saddrunk:
The sugar at the bottom of your glass,
('Cause it's always forgotten
And it's always the sweetest-
It's just that you never even try to taste it
'Cause it seems as a leftover -
But in reality is what started, sparkled, made and created everything else);  :whisper:
The soundtrack you release to the world every week,  :stereo:
That song you wish you'd wrote but never came to figure out the chorus… :clueless:
Whimsical moments of tears while walking past traffic  :paranoid:
And the ever cherished pause you take to fake a smile ^^;
while you try your hardest to suppress the tearfall- as if you could do so with the rain...:raincloud:
While your heart is breaking all over again: an old leak in the ceiling :heartbreaker:
Old dreams and forgotten ones,  :cling:
Hopelessness birthed from hope as high as the moon,  :airborne:
Fall downs, standing-ups and rolling-down-all-over-agains,  :eatshit:
Rejections, given and received- to you, from you and especially performed for you,:fork:
Achievements ever spoiled by the greener grass on the other side;  :flirty:
Strawberries, peaches and cream and all sorts of sherbets and ice creams,  :party:
Muffled screams, and cries of passion, of anger, of hate, :pissedoff:
Outbursts of sudden dancing-alones, :dance:
Breaking into delicious song while taking a cold or hot or mild-temperature shower;:sing:
Plotting revenge- day and night,  :plotting:  :mwahaha:
And then deciding not to follow up with the master plan after complete perfection, :ninjabattle:
Physical hurts, scratches, bruises, scrapes and broken bones (or almost broken ones)
Broken hearts, yours or not,  :pointandlaugh:
Sweet words received and really nasty ones never muttered,  :sarcasm:
Secret smug smiles of devious satisfaction,  =D:devil:
Lying eyes that hide innermost desires in the face of wished 'opposition', :analprobestare:
Objects of all kinds, humans after all... :abduction:
Loves, pseudo-loves, and things disguised as love that were everything but such; :blowkiss:
Bad kisses, good ones, and take-my-breath-aways, :smooch:
Flirting with strangers moments of wondering "what if I ever dared?…" :flirty::-?
Just to realize that the fantasy is almost always much better than reality;  :burp:
Tearing papers of probable masterpieces to afterwards throw them into the fire; :movingon:
Restraining and refraining from saying I love you just to not lose pride, :blush:
And whispering them in the acceptance of defeat to yourself as if the other was there;:surrender:
Broken piano pieces, lost legos, 80's action figures, :love:
Believing in anything- Peter Pan, Santa Claus, the Land of Oz, soulmates :mangapunksai:
(Of all these what I miss the most- naiveté, belief, faith, real daydreaming)  :happycry:
Magic disguised as normal- which you'll never even notice until you die;  :headbang:
Temptations, missing words, sworn promises broken to you: "I'll love you forever." :finger:
Wanting to belong, and then pushing cliques away… :disbelief:
Figuring out you were after all…just different;  :confused:
Birthdays, Anniversaries, and all sorts of silly dates,  :cake: :chainsaw:
Phone numbers never used, most of their sources forgotten, :mobile: :ohmygod:
How to do a paper cup, plane and boat…  :omg:
Sneaky flowers pressed inside books for your surprise-displeasure of remembering  :pills:
And time= life is time- used or not.  :sarcasticclap:
And perfect starry nights! (shooting stars included)  :wave: :w00t:

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  • Listening to: A Poem for Byzantium (Delerium)
  • Reading: La Tabla de Flandes by Arturo Pérez-Reverte
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:iconjezebel: = my long lost sister from another past life and my texan babe! talented to the core, beautiful as a muse, just a goddess  <3
:iconip2much: = she is the reason I still believe in humanity- she is the kindest heart on all the earth- my personal hime sama. we are gonna grow old as cat-ladies together!
:iconcableclair: = my actress & stand-up comedian, expressive painter with tons of other talents- best hollandback girl ever!
:iconaniviel: = she is the perfect example of the contemporary woman- and she loves Fushigi Yugi and Ceres as much as I do.
:iconthenetbox: = h3$ l33t m4st3r. awesomest paki ever (kidnapped in alabama)
:icondrunkenbutterfly:= lets all root and w00t for originality, clever ideas, a wild dark side and just genius
:iconnavate:= no one fucks with my Lauren- I've been following her every steps since EK and I am just oh so very proud- and she has GREAT musical and fashion sense (someone I would never even think twice about sharing an exhibit with)
:iconlamasery: = I'm her wife and she is my husband (and I am not effeminate and she isn't manly if you were asking). fashionable, coolest attitude a respectful sense of self and broods mentally as much as I do...I just luv my lilly (she took her pictures down but go to her website link and see the awesomeness)
:iconaud: = she is the one responsible for me being here. I have faith in her and she has grown so much as an artist.
:iconpaladinknight: = she's my master & my inspiration *worships*
:iconfuurin: = this is one of the best mangaka I know and I also know her by years! <3
:iconevilhamsterhk:= this girl is gonna be HUGE someday, just wait and see- a clever respectful mind and a great authentic approach to art (and she's as wacky as I)
:icongreenwing: = wanna see talent, concise work, wits and passion? go see him!
:iconbloody-kizzez: = hmmm I love her mind, she has something brooding in the dark...I am waiting for it to come out of the chrysallis.
:iconadiar: = I just adore her, beautiful, cute, mature but innocent at the same time...will never look over 15 even if she's older than I. Great style! and just pure fun!
:iconhimtim: = I respect his work and his way of thinking. He is so witty about his themes- definitely worth seeing.
:iconikun: = This is another boy that will be huge someday! ^_^
:iconneurolepsia: my favorite goth girl here! MWAH! <3 She always manages to bring a smile to my face.
:iconleara: = no one does chibis like her.
:iconvenus-plastique: = this gurl here is ahead of her times, so clever at such a young age,  enormous fun to dialogue with when I can.
:iconelantriell: = delicate elegant mysterious works
:iconliiga: = I should learn to work as much as this gal hehehe talented, lovely sense of color and good compositions
:iconeep:= lovely sense of color!
:iconbw-inc: = wow, just wow. She makes vectors look good, now THAT is something. her compositions are purrfect.
:iconglayshard: = this guy is just too sweet and I like his charrie designs
:iconrio: = she's my cricket- there is no one like THE rio. even if her gallery here is empty ahahaha and her website down... but trust me, her work is elite.

note: gurls are my husbands cuz I like husbands more than wives. cat-lady is the correct term even if you are a man. cat-lord is kinky and S&M and not what I mean when I use the term cat-lady.

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