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The Repression Of Frustrations

By oz-haver
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The Repression Of Frustrations: Of How I Learned to Sing in Silence.

I made this piece merging various aspects of my life into the characters and the background. I don’t wish to talk about the issues publicly… but no, it isn’t just a pretty picture. =D

But, I can say a thing or two about the other elements/symbols. The girl’s name is Morgan, which I think is a nice in-between sounding-name of Morgana and Morrigan. The flying thing is the Mikumiku… (don’t ask where I got this name from- to those who know me better it isn’t a stranger). The small blue flowers are Forget-me-nots. The *other floating islands are either alive or dying. The rest... I leave open to interpretation…

Closeups, and Bigger versions here: [link] (click on the image to see a 50% version of the original one)
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KururuRyuHobbyist General Artist
¿Podría dar mi interpretación?

El cielo nublado y brumoso significa que no tenes exactamente idea de lo que estas viviendo y vas a vivir y quizá algún recuerdo que hayas ocultado detrás de la bruma.
Las islas con caras representan personas que murieron o dejaste atrás y cosas que encontraste en ellas que quizás ahora te resulten tristes recordarlas o con las que estés enojado.
La chica llevando ropa gótica representa un estilo antiguo, lo cual puede significar una  atracción hacia lo antiguo pero también que hay algo sombrío en la forma que tenés de  mirar la vida. Pero el pelo tiene colores brillantes hacen un contraste con la grisácea escena, eso representa que siempre hay una luz y algo que resplandece para seguir adelante, pero esta está aprisionada en un peinado que oculta su total brillo. Y el paraguas es el intento de cubrirte del sufrimiento externo: la lluvia que parece venir en cualquier momento.
Ese bicho volador que parece una mezcla entre gato, murciélago y cabra es la imaginación y la esperanza. Ese animal sostiene en una mano los recuerdos que no deben olvidarse para recordarte cosas hermosas de tu vida.
Y en el suelo están los recuerdos a los que te aferraste o no pudiste ocultar entre la bruma: algunos son recuerdos hermosos que florecen y otros devastadores que sientes que secarían a los buenos recuerdos cual sequía a las flores.

Por algún motivo me identifiqué un poco con esta imagen.

Espero que el bicho raro se acerque más a la chica y ella pueda soltar un poco su cabello. Y  no necesite de un paraguas sino que pueda rechazar la lluvia por si sola n.n

Besitos ♥3♥
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PabloSenHobbyist General Artist
puedo comprar? :please:
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tanit-isis-stockProfessional Photographer
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wow, cool
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I just love her!
The flying thing is actually her best friend...they have a long history together.
I have been looking at this picture for too long I think
Thank you for this
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Know the feeling pretty good.. great artwork!
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This is awesome! I love the creppy-cute look about it <3
The islands with faces underneath look great too!
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Knightmare6Professional Photographer
Gorgeous and cute piece of art!
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i love all the detail and intricate designs you used! (my name is morgan XD)
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DrJestHobbyist Digital Artist
What would you call this style of art? I've heard lowbrow and pop surrealist, but I'm not sure.
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a very beautiful and creative piece... nicely done! :clap:
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oz-haverProfessional General Artist
Thank you very much!
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you're most welcome. :)
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this is just one of those pictures that you have to look at, without really knowing why.
and then once you do it's amazing.
so have a fave.
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oz-haverProfessional General Artist
thank you!

yeah, it bewitches me from time to time. Most of the time I hate it for it too! LOL
I don't think of it as mine, I just "did it", it has a life of its own!

Now it's sort of yours too!
Art is weird.

Thank you again for the fav! <3
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So nice!!
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TAHOpaintsProfessional Digital Artist
Was a bit bored today and found myself blindly browsing thumbnails, making random searches, etc.

From the preview alone, I knew this was something special and had to take a closer look. I was doubly delighted to see that it was chosen as a DD. *applause*
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I :heart: it. It`s so lovely, yet sad and strange...and she has charming red hair :butterflytwo:
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blicks23Hobbyist Photographer
Really nice piece! The girl is just stunning, and I like the fact that you're not stuck up and you do answer to people's comments:D
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oz-haverProfessional General Artist
stuck up artists around DA huh?
rule #1: don't let it get to your head, if you do you won't improve.

Lot of artists around these parts that won't give you a word if they don't think you are an "important person". I wonder who do they paint for...

This girl has a comeback nearby ;) I think I'm angry again, and when I'm pissed off Morgan says hi.
If my muse can beat my laziness that is, but I had a freaky dream two days ago...
perhaps it's a good sign!
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blicks23Hobbyist Photographer
Hahaha cool...
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