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The blank is from here [link]

So yeah, browsing on DA, and staying up late continously and playing rpg with a friend can kind of have such effects. Pretty much of them are depicting either 'real' or just crack relationships with mine and friends character.

1.) Rosco (moi)-Otilia :iconsaithis: >> truly it has been years. 8D
2.) Tyrward :iconlittleedward: - Wilhelm (moi) >>always imagined them as having at least a semi mentor-apprentice relation
3.) Sourcecode :iconsnoble-jr: - Messclaw (moi) >> as Clawie always gets in trouble she always tries to convince him to help
4.) Hoppaque (moi) - M'ora :icondragonlizzard: >> random fluff
5.) Ghertrude (moi) - Ink-dot-guy (Drazz) >> totally random. I had one of those enlightements or what
6.) Zhadim (belf-lock-Drazz) - Thanadria (orc-warri-moi) >> obviously, just our WoW toons being all cuddly
7.) Xylin (moi) - Erdan (Drazz) >> total awesome crack-pairing. :dummy: Actually Erdan just stumbled into the wrong tent.
8.) Shellclank (moi) - Hammerjam (moi) >> being all pre-beast wars, pre-Stingjet and (almost) pre-war. They go a looong way back.

6.) alternative
Phantasma - Hammerjam (moi) >> this one is just for the sh.tz and lulz. I'm not quite sure to whom does Phantasma actually belong to and if he is up on DA. But I definitely remember that he is the local cannibalist Unicron-believer on the Stingjet. Also HJ's SIC by the old rpg. Good ol' days.

I'm not quite sure about this pic though. I might just move it to scraps.
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Jááááj szneiális!!! Otília és Rosco....érdekes páros :) :D