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Natural History Illustration Honours student at the University of Newcastle, Australia
Studied Archaeology at Macquarie University AU and University of Nottingham UK

In meiner Freizeit lerne ich Deutsch. Beer before Liquor; will get you sicker 

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[EDIT] (I want to put a "strikethrough" all the questions below but can't do it!!) Anyway, the below questions have been SOLVED, thank you everyone who answered. If you're also lost with Eclipse see the help that was kindly posted in the comments. Hi everyone, I logged in to find that DA has actually put a deadline on phasing out the old site, so I've switched to Eclipse in hopes of learning the new layout. I cannot for the life of me make sense of where my notifications are: How do I access notifications for the groups I moderate? Where are my watch and follow notifications (e.g. tells me when someone favs my deviation)? My deviantID (profile pic) is gone? How do I view my past journals? Many thanks in advance if you can point me in the right direction! Pip
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I am very pleased to have my illustrations and research on Pleistocene horses featured in the latest video by TREY the Explainer. Trey does the world a service by debunking myths and sharing new discoveries in the field of paleontology on his entertaining and addictive channel. He also takes care to credit paleoartists and cite references, which is deeply appreciated and sadly more than I can say for many journalists these days. If you are interested in zoology, biology, paleontology, cryptozoology, archaeology or ancient mythology, take a moment to check out his videos and also follow him here on DA: aGentlemanScientist (https://www.deviantart.com/agentlemanscientist). Part 1 can be view
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Updated 10/03/19 - I am updating this journal to inform you that the free 6 week Natural History Illustration course is now open for April enrolments. You have three weeks left to sign up. Read below for info and links. I am happy to answer any questions about course content and workload. If you participated already you can of course enrol again. --- // Free online 6-week Natural History Illustration course // Over the past few years I have been approached many times by people who have seen my scientific drawings and field sketches and wanted to know where they could also attend classes to undertake this kind of work. My university is now
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Hello. Do you take a requests?

Hey I was wondering if you do commissions. I saw your amazing Pharnox and wondered if you might do a hybrid creature I came up with. It’s called a Barasnider, which is a mix of 4 creepy animals people generally don’t like: bats, rats, snakes and spiders. I have ideas for the general design, which I hope would make as much biological sense as possible. If you are interested maybe DM me and we can talk quotes? Keep up the amazing work!

Wedge-tailed Eagle Study

I would like to feature this work in our new raptor group

You are also free to join. The Birds of prey thematic really suits you, shame you dont do this more. If something happens or you still havent uploaded them to dA pls consider doing it. In any case pls submit your future raptor related art to out groups gallery 👌

Happy Birthday Grin HAPPY BIRTHDAY!Happy DeviantART Birthday 
Happy berfdae!!!
Happy Birthday, mate! It's the way you move: www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5ebAv…
Happy Birthday! Wishing you all the best :party: :heart: