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JOJO X Caesar

Damn it, too addicted to this anime..... 


See more of my works here:

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You have been contacted by our Company Head to join in a special internship project:

Require students or aspiring artists wanting to make a name for themselves through some hard work, and industry related experience. I want someone capable of animating similar to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, to help me draw Anime Character's for Adobe Animator Puppet's that I will be using for to stream my game: Rhythm Retro.


Ability to think of new character's for the game feeds

You can go as far as penciling the drawings and adding shading

You can draw anime style images of my ideas accurately

Only real requirement is your talented at drawing anime and love Jojo!

I will give you a really good letter of reference though, with my professional letterhead.

Email: if interested.

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My two favorite characters in one drawing?!

Your amazing!! :happybounce:

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mY hEart It'S bEauTFIulLll

Jan-Ken-Pon? Nah.

Paper scissors rock? Nope.

Rock paper CAESAAAAR! 👌

Remember, rock always beats Caesar

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Awesome!! 💯 Looks like Kingdom Hearts 😲💟👌👍
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I love these two so much!
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great work!! *^*
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The next thing you're going to say is, "JoJo is the greatest show ever".
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Jojo is the greatest show ever. :d
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Really good-looking guys! :D
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This looks flawless omg
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I love jjba yaaas this is great
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I've been feeling more and more like watching jojo lately. maybe someday ToT
c1v2b3n4's avatar
the one is fairy tail nastu
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jojo addiction baby
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amazing!! must of put a TON of time N effort into this!
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Yo this is freaking awesomeLove 
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What anime are these characters from? They look really cool! I love your usage of color, and the detail in their hair and expressions is impressive! Nice job!
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Holy hell yes great work on such legendary men this show is awesomely awesome 😍
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