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Moving platforms!

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Hello to all that see this message! I am moving platforms, I've decided that DA isn't worth sticking around on. I've noticed often my works are getting stolen, and its not really something I would like to mess with anymore. So, I am going to change how I do my work. All new content I create will be moved to Twitter, I hope to see you all there! My Twitter handle: https://twitter.com/mrtoastybagel - Oxi
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Ok so, since Super Mario Maker Deluxe is cancelled, can we use your sprites that you made for it now?

What on earth would you need them for?

The cancellation of the game does not make the assets created for it open to the public.

Most of those assets were created specifically for SMMD, and only SMMD.

Wouldn't you be happy to see someone use them instead of them having no use?

Plus people could use them in their own games. And you didn't exactly ask Nintendo if you could post or edit their sprites either so I would have thought you would be okay with sprite reuse, and me asking you about it is way more than you did for Nintendo.

No, that is not how this works. I created the various unique pieces that I did, individually for SMMD whether it died or not because said sprites didn't exist.

The game died the sprites will die with it.

and you mean to tell me that you could just go off with my unique works created for SMMD without asking me but that you are better than me for asking permissions since I didn't ask a massive corporation for use of their intellectual properties? (that keep in mind are used under fair use because it was used to create new unique pieces)


If I'm gonna be blunt, that's really scummy of you.

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You should probably get to uploading more.

I mean, I don't see the demand for it nor do I make anything from art

I just upload when I create stuff

congrats on 60 watchers! ^^