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Doctor Hooves Puppet Rigs v1.0

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© 2012 - 2020 oxinfree
This puppet was rigged by Matt Margerison [link]

You can find this puppet and more at [link]
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UltraTheHedgetoasterHobbyist Artist
Ah, minor question -  with the site now closed, is there still a place where to download these flash puppets from?
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WoodyRamesses17Hobbyist Digital Artist
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UltraTheHedgetoasterHobbyist Artist
Awesome, thanks! :D

...Now if only I could figure out some way to use any of these files in my old version of Flash, Macromedia Flash 8, or "CS2", so to speak. ^^;
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WoodyRamesses17Hobbyist Digital Artist
You need abode flash professional CS3 or better to use those FLA files.
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UltraTheHedgetoasterHobbyist Artist
Well, CS3 has the option of "save as Flash 8 file", right there under "Save As".
I'm assuming newer versions share a similar feature, asides from 3D the only "big" thing Flash 8 / CS3 didn't have was the bone-tool

I happend to still have an old installation file for a CS3 trial lying around, so .......

Well, turns out only four of all these countless files can actually be opened in CS3. Uhm. :O_o:
"Princess Luna 2", "Flash Sentry (Equestria Girls)","Equestria Girls - Equestria Boy" and "Babs Seed 2", to be specific.

Err. :icontwilightconfusedplz:
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Aren't they CS5 compatible? Personally I use CS6 so I never have any problems.
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UltraTheHedgetoasterHobbyist Artist
I wouldn't be able to tell, I only got Flash 8 and a trial of CS3.

Hmm. Well, seeing how you've got a CS5 version, could you check if it's possible to downgrade CS5-files to CS4? That'd be one step down the ladder.

The option should be under "save as", and there under "filetype". :)
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I am running CS6, not CS5. I can save to CS6, CS5.5, or CS5, so I can only save one step down. I can't save to CS4, CS3, or anything lower.
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Right click, save image as.
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WoodyRamesses17Hobbyist Digital Artist
Need Flash? Click Here:

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HenshidokuStudent Traditional Artist
did you going to do a episode with this character??? because this is my favorite one and it be very rad if i see it saveing ponyville and anybody know when he save them all :D
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I WANT TO HUGE HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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TeschkeHobbyist Digital Artist
It would be nice if it worked with flash 8 too.
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XFlamingFoxXHobbyist General Artist
I can't download the puppet. When I click the download button, this page comes up: [link] (this is a screenshot of the page that comes up)
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iluvEBFStudent Writer
You're viewing the inherent content of the file through your browser, instead of Flash. Try downloading the page when you get there to download the file. Chrome makes it easier.
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CookeyKoopaHobbyist Digital Artist
Is there another Website to download Doctor Whooves?
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love-mistHobbyist Digital Artist
I have to ask, has anyone else had any trouble with this puppet? I downloaded straight from the DR website. If I try and copy the puppet over to a new file, a bunch of it disappears. I've discovered now this also seems to be true of the original file itself once I save a new version. All the mouths and the entire 3Q view seem to have vanished. I've re-downloaded and copied the file several times, always with the same result. Any advice?
I'm using CS5 on a Mac if it matters.
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love-mistHobbyist Digital Artist
I figured out the problem but not the solution. It seems that the CS4 file doesn't like being saved or copied over to a CS5 file. Is there any way to fix/get around this? I'd rather not have to set all my other assets back to CS4 just to be able to work with it.... :(
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dashofrainbow235Hobbyist Filmographer
I'm having the same problem too.
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love-mistHobbyist Digital Artist
I recently had this question answered! The problem is that Flash doesn't handle ">" characters in the symbol names well. If you notice, all of the other puppets use a solid triangle symbol instead.

Instead of manually editing the hundreds of file names, I managed to find an infinitely useful plug in extension for Flash that enables a find and replace function within symbol names. It isn't perfect as it only seems to find one instance per symbol name, but that just means you have to run it a few more times.

I can't seem to find the download for the plug in, but if you private message me I'd be happy to give you my repaired version of the puppet file! Hope this helps.
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HeilosProfessional General Artist
Hell yeah! Love our puppets so much, you guys did such a good job on them <3
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Yunguy1Hobbyist General Artist
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