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Lazy Julian Mini Tutorial


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Lazy Julian Mini Tutorial


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Chaotica Tutorial: Spherical Framework

This tutorial will teach you how to make a fractal with the spherical framework. It can make some lovely fractals; here are some examples: SetupFirst, create a new world and add an iterator with spherical set to 1. Rotate that iterator 90 degrees counterclockwise and move it one unit to the right (you can use Snap to Grid to make it easier). Right now, it should look like this: It's not Michelangelo-level quite yet, so let's add another spherical iterator and rotate it 90 degrees clockwise: It should look pretty close to this at this point: Now, add two iterators with linear 1.0 and move one two units to the left and the other one two un

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Apophysis 3D Blooms Tutorial

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