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The multi-dimensional-horror, Shuma-Gorath! Behold his terrible glory and more in the Project:Rooftop Doctor Strange Rogues Revamp!
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Could you imagine you had a quick glance at the sun, and you see weird shadow stuff happening around it? That would be the most terrifying thing I would ever see.

Who else thinks he would make a great Phase 4 villain? 
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I'd nope all the way out of this universe but that isn't going to help is it?
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A crown of thorns starfish??? Could anyone have thought of a better reference for this Lovecraftian Marvel (deep)???? I absolutely LOVE it! Your tone of light & colors really give it that other-worldly (or dimensionally in his case) & sinister feel that he is.
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And then I see my comment from 4 years ago and I /facepalm... Calm down John, you're embarrassing yourself lol.
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Every once and a while I come back to this image and I'm like WHY ISN'T THIS A PRINT THOUGH!?
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Awesome. That bit of shadow cast by the planets was a really nice touch!
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i love u for this pic
Shuma-Gorath is my favorite Marvel villain, and this picture just makes him even better. I love it.
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I JUST figured out this was outerspace and not under water...this image is crazy! I like to imagine it already destroyed the outer planets.
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He looks as though his hugs are ticklish.

If you consider being squashed by a giant earth-sized cilia, which is part of an even larger tentacle ticklish.
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I just favorited a sampling of your illustrated. Your coloring is gorgeous!
This and the Nightmare pic really sells the idea of how daunting the responsibility of being Sorceror Supreme is. Just imagine having to fight things like this on a regular basis.
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Dude's STILL gonna cross his arms all gangsta like, right?
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That's how Shuma-Gorath rolls.
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this is so epic!!
The colours, children, the colours!
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I loved playing as this guy in Marvel vs Capcom. Great take on im.
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Very cool. I think lovecraft would be proud.:neom:
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