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Pirates of Dark Water

By oxboxer
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This show needs a reboot :)
DoughnutOfTime's avatar
Lion-O-VS-He-Man's avatar
Cool. I need to revisit this show...
kiki-doodle's avatar
I got a commission for this series, too, but of Nidler xD W e can combine our forces.
tomasfourhorns's avatar
Literally my first toy I can remember was blondie there. Such a cool piece, glad somebody drew decent fanart of em'!
For some reason, this gives my a vibe like "He-man" meets "Sinbad"
jd-1104's avatar
i still love the style of it, looks like a mash up of arabian nights with pirates.
EmaCamU's avatar
man i've been seeing this series everywhere lately, are they coming back? is it coming back?
Kyleito's avatar
Great placement, leaves me wanting more; "what is that green thing they're on?" "is it an enemy or a companion?" Very interesting sword designs, great colors!
Kree-KatART's avatar
This looks wonderful! this show holds so much nostalgia for people and you really did it justice
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FuShark's avatar
In love with this. Came out beautifully.
InevitableH's avatar
Boy that takes me back to the 90's. Great detail and nice color job. Keep it up.
Twilight-zion's avatar
HOLY CRAP!  I used to watch this as a kid coming home from school! this brings me back!
AndroidSkeleton's avatar
Dude, this is a blast from the past! Great work here!
DragonKing3721's avatar
Digging the colors man.
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Fukrazy's avatar
Wow! I love your style and colors! So bright and happy!
MadScientistJC's avatar
Noeg' ja tut! The nostalgia. But what bout Niddler? 
oxboxer's avatar
The commissioner didn't ask for em. Next time!
MadScientistJC's avatar
I had noticed it was a commission after I commented, and then it made sense why no Niddler. It's still an awesome piece.  
Jonmkl's avatar
I thought Niddler would be overkill in an already elaborate commission, but I can't say I don't miss him here! He'd totally fit right there in the back!
MadScientistJC's avatar
He'll be there in my heart. lol.
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