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Gentlemen - Sacred Geometry

Is he sad because he doesn't have pants?
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these are all great positions to unlock blocked spinal kinks.  I know something works when i feel a pop and release in my spine.  Also, the Flat Foot Squat is good too for this.

good diagram showcase, i should try that second one right now   :D
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I was really admirative by the way you represented that character's body.
But your description made my day.
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WHERE oh WHERE did my pants go?

I know I had a pair.

How could I be so stupid?

Meme-candia's avatar
I love the simplicity you've accomplished!!
FrozenFeather's avatar
everything you do is awesome!
Maron-art's avatar
Holy poop this is awesome..!
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He's just trying to remember where he left them. Like "Dude, where's my car" only more revealing.
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Wow. This is so fluid and lifelike, but so incredibly stylized that I can't help but elevate you a few more notches on my list of favorite artists for being able to marry the two seamlessly. You are just amazing.
Algesiras's avatar
Magnificent work.
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Can I just ask, do you draw with pens and scan the work into photoshop or something? Your lines are always so bloody nice.
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Yeah, all lines are scanned from ink. Thank you!
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Very nice. It always fascinates me how others work. I went to uni do learn my trade but digital art was still in it's early days so I'm pretty much self taught on photoshop.

Love your lines though. Great body to them. Hope you don't think me cheeky asking questions.

I use a rotring art pen (fountain) for my lines and often think they lose the dynamism of the pencil. I'm also sure I draw too small, sticking mainly to an A4 sheet. What scale do you use?
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This is just beautiful!
E-9's avatar
These should all be sculptures. GREAT work.
Dr-Aim's avatar
I'd ask to marry your style if I could but I think I'm not good enough to assure its happiness so I'll just stay here and watch in amazment.
GhostGlider's avatar
I love the way you use negative space. It's amazing! And of course the shapes are beautiful as always
fruitionpaper's avatar
I love these simple shapes he makes with his body.
the-Mad-Hatress's avatar
He seems pretty torn up about it.
Foo-Foo-Flower's avatar
I love your commentary so much.
GinsengLag's avatar
He is sad because he is moldy. Love it, though!
TheStarChaser's avatar
So fluid, yet defined.
headpunchies's avatar
Beautiful negative space and style!
narcoticdream's avatar
i think he is puzzled by his junk...
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