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whatsapp reimagined

By ox-jC-xo
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i think the current windows phone app for whatsapp is too dull, so, i decided to try and design a new interface for the app...what do you guys think of this?

nokia lumia 900 by livven
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Amazing! btw, may I have the background image?
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А где взять такие обои?
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Panorama UI for a messaging application? Toooo much space wasted. Sorry, but in this case, i like the original version much more...
um...the current version is basically the same?

to be clear, what i have did is just changed the background and added a few options on the appbar to make it quicker to do stuff like making a new group
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no, you use a panorama view...the current version doesn't...
what do you really mean-.-

the current version has 3 main screens..chats, favourites and all...displayed like that, you click one of the chats u have and it takes you into the screen where you can message your friend right?

if the picture is confusing you, all i'm really doing is just changing the background and the colours, also adding some appbar shortcuts :D
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This is awesome!
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looks great! :)
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