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FNaF POV Shorts 1: Old Man Consequences by OWOMaster2020, literature


Gator boiiiiis (FNaF fanart ^w^) by OWOMaster2020, visual art

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Neckless Family by OWOMaster2020, visual art


In the magical land of Foundaria (SCP Fanart! =3) by OWOMaster2020, visual art


The Cat's Evening (Painting :D) by OWOMaster2020, visual art

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Pfp by yours truly!

Pronouns: She/They


Heya geeks and peeps :)! I'm OWOMaster2020, a young artist that's here to share my art with the universe! I draw many things, like SCP stuff, FNaF, Pokemon, Undertale, furries and a lot of et cetera. I also like writing, and sometimes photography ^^ I'm still learning and developing my style, so feel free to give me tips on how to improve (don't be rude though lol) :D

Things like art trades, ychs, and maybe even comms may open in the future, so stay tuned for that ^^!

Comments, replies, favorites etc are always appreciated :meow:! (seriously tho, I love comments lol)

I think that's about it! :> Stay awesome and safe guys! And remember- You are loved. :heart:


Requests: Only for special occasions!

Art Trades: Open :D!

Design Trades: Ask Me

Commissions: Closed for repair.


Favourite Visual Artist
Pretty much everyone I watch, and many many more :D(seriously, look at my favorites lol)
Favourite Movies
Most Disney and other animation studios, most Marvel stuff, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (RIP Gene Wilder), The Greatest Showman, and absolutely ANYTHING POKEMON >:3
Favourite TV Shows
Idk if I have a favorite, but I'm pretty big on Series of Unfortunate Events :]
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Too many to list, but I'm big on movie/play/game soundtracks, as well as otacore (fandom things), rock, and country. Occasionally pop as well, but that's a minority.
Favourite Books
Harry Potter, all of the Percy Jackson series-es (there's 3 far as I know), A Series of Unfortunate Events, and quite a few others!!
Favourite Writers
Lauren Tarshis, JK Rowling, Lemony Snicket, Rick Riordan, whoever wrote the Geronimo Stilton books (I read small children books and no one can stop me u,w,u), Suzanne Collins (Gotta love the Underland Chronicals), and a few others.
Favourite Games
FNAF and most fangames, basketball, dancing line, minecraft, capture the flag, Panel de Pon, most trivia games, and but Animal Crossing 💖
Favourite Gaming Platform
Youtube ig?
Tools of the Trade
Creativity, food, colored pencils, food, good seating and lighting, and some other varied art supplies
Other Interests
I want to learn to animate and play piano, comedy, popcorn, reading, music, Facetiming friends at 11 at night, not dying, cosplay (maybe), and saying and doing stupid things to be funny.

Donation Pool

gIvE me pOInTs pLz

Lol, obligatory donation pool.

If you do donate points I would be extremely flattered, but don't feel pressured to at all, you do you. :).

100/10 points
Thanks to everyone who donated! You helped me reach my goal!
1.) Fill out the questions, honestly and fully. 2.) Tag whoever you found this from, along with whoever they got it from, and who they got it from, etc. eventually it should look like a chain. 3.) Tag 3 friends that you want to do it! ———— Q: How often do you draw? A: All the time, I find it so fun to come up with art ideas (though it can be less fun trying to make them tangible lol) Q: What is your favorite part of the process? A: Lineart, maybe? If not that, just coming up with the ideas :). Q: What is your least favorite part of the process? A: Coloring? Shading? Color is awesome and all, but it can be tedious to apply, and I'm just terrible at shading. Q: How long have you been drawing? A: Probably my whole life (though I've only been really passionate about it for a few years). Q: Why do you draw/why did you start? A: It's so poetic really, creating worlds and scenarios all of your own. Pretentiousness aside, as a little kid, I'd always say "every picture has a
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Hey, just a little update, but I'm leaning towards they/them pronouns now! If you'd still like to use she, that's fine for now, but just keep that in mind. Sorry for not posting much, I've been a bit busy lately, but I should post some stuff tomorrow! Thanks for your patience, guys :)
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Just when I thought my musical taste couldn’t get more random, I looked up the original Moskau song (without the earrape) and found the Fiddler on the Roof soundtrack on Spotify. I think I might spontaneously combust the next time someone asks me what my favorite song is :,)
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hElLo i hAvEnT tAlKeD tO yOu iN lIkE fOReVeR

How ya been? :>

Oh geez yeah, it has been a while!! I've been decent, how are you? :3

I'm doing pretty okay. I've been connecting with old users I used to talk to, so that's pretty good ^_^

That’s great to hear! :)

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Alright she’s done!

Uni kitty