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Render Tutorial

here you go as people asked for cinema 4d render

thanks to ~OwNzBabeh for helping me write it ! :love:

check her page out !

thanks for looking.
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I am stuck on the last part as well. first I'd like to say this is a cool tutorial and I am looking forward to doing this on my C4D. Unfortunately due to the what you put for directions on the second to the last part it has left me in the dark as to what to do next. WilliamFMC, I am a noob but I have been able to catch on pretty quick with this software. Though, when you say, 'Triangle Icon" I don't nor have I seen one on top of my perspective window. I only see four buttons on top of the perspective window and none of them will do anything remotely close to that when I hold down the right click and swipe left or right. Then when I have done that I zoom in and nothing has changed.
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Thanks for ur tut and the icon is size , i think
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kewl but can i get that shading tutorial please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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so where do i find the bend/twist etc settings?? :confused:
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Nice tut! Thanks for it! :D
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Thanks for the awesome tut m8 :D
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I think he means the "Triangle Icon" on top of the perspective view. The one you use to zoom in and out. Press and hold the right mouse button, then slowly move your mouse to the left to change the POV i believe.. then zoom in again and you are done.. :)
Nice tut by the way (AWESOME!!!) if you use a cube instead of a cilinder and add a Shatter effect as well, you will get very interesting results!! GOOD JOB!!
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Thanx for that :)
i cant make this im missing some thing on the last part
now sellect this icon right click and hold then pullout
what icon? i make the star everything correctly and then i cant understand
mabie im being to stupid XD
help would be nice
Great tut...
Appreciate that !
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I'm confused, which Icon am I supposed to click when I have the star shape?
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Awesome tutorial.
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i still just know basic stuff in c4d but this really helped im getting some good results here
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nice tut .. i tried it here ...[link]
I can't finish, you don't give an icon for the last step so I can't finish, because I don't know wht to do, please tell which Ico I need to use
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i'm sorry but in the last pass you forgot do say what icon we must select
so i can't finish your tutorial

can you chage that please

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Woah bro
excelent job ;D
i like it so much :D
its very useful
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glad you like it mate
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have you used any other 3d programs? and was this the full version and how did you pay for it?
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Fantastic! I can model creatures and things in Cinema 4D and Maya. But I always failed at abstracts (lack of creativity?) and after reading this I created something, most likely very different, yet satisfying. :)

Now.. to move to making materials suitable.
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