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The universal mind

By OwlyGem
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The voice in your subconscious
The beat in your heart
The flow of life
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I'm not sleeping tonight.
(I love the art btw :33)
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I love this. 
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reminds me of Celia of Monsters Inc
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Oh god, is so psy *O*
you listen to Goa when you did that X) ?
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During my last endeavor with LSD, in my room after Earth Dance, I laid there quiet in the dark. I drifted into lucidity and rose out of my body, I looked down to see myself projecting my gaze and saw my soul. My soul appeared to me like a white vapor, but almost like it was solid, and I noticed the Soul has no sex[as in is neither male nor female. My room in that plane appeared like a hollow onix cube with, instead of my bed and furniture, a layer of water. I saw my soul floating on the water and it appeared to dive into the water as I came back to me.

I like your picture alot and thought i'd share that in light of the theme.
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This is awesome!
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This is just phenomenal! I love the contrast and the feel of it~!
Fantastic Job!
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aw yeah that is awesome
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you are never alone
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shit that's desturbing and yet amazing I cant stop looking deep into her eye/ eyes
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Love the colors in those eyes and how you made the lashes a type of halo, super surreeall man
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You must listen to a lot of Tool
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Wow very nice to see you be so creative!
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Reminds me Alex Gray's works
Just cool
You did it well
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Yes, very *expletive* and stuff ;)

I like this, nice image.
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