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After meet the Pyro

Poor medic <8C
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yea I figured... well *sad Medic noises
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And the recent update to....
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Aaawwww come here *hug*
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Nawwww qwq *hug medic*
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Aww, my poor baby.:crying: 

you need a big hug. 
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I just imagine the entire BLU team huddled together miserably in the respawn area.
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The blu medic has it worse than you think....

He has to deal with.. the BLU pyro as well.
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Aww, poor little Medic :(
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ew these comments
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Aww come here sweetie I'll give you a hug. 
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Man...Medic got the short end of the stick...a flaming stick....
RIP Medic
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HE GOT ONE OF THE WORST DEATHS OMG, he got locked into a small space then burned to death WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK PYRO
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There there, Herr Doktor, they won't hurt you with me around. *hugs tightly*
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Aw, my poor little medic! He looks so traumatized...Huggle! 
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Its okay. No one will hurt you now
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