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Jimmy Casket's first kill (RE-UPLOAD) by AlTheDetermined
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Jimmy Casket's first kill (RE-UPLOAD) :iconalthedetermined:AlTheDetermined 13 1
Johnny Ghost VS Johnny Cranky by AlTheDetermined Johnny Ghost VS Johnny Cranky :iconalthedetermined:AlTheDetermined 15 5 Katrina redraw by Sleepyhead12 Katrina redraw :iconsleepyhead12:Sleepyhead12 24 3 PIETale page 7 by Lace15 PIETale page 7 :iconlace15:Lace15 20 8 Ask Pie 16 by LunaWolfxxx Ask Pie 16 :iconlunawolfxxx:LunaWolfxxx 33 11 PIETale Page 6 by Lace15 PIETale Page 6 :iconlace15:Lace15 17 7 PIETale Page 5 by Lace15 PIETale Page 5 :iconlace15:Lace15 15 19 PIETale page 4 by Lace15 PIETale page 4 :iconlace15:Lace15 15 2 PIETale Page 3 by Lace15 PIETale Page 3 :iconlace15:Lace15 15 41 PIETale page 2 by Lace15 PIETale page 2 :iconlace15:Lace15 14 6 PIE Tale page 1 by Lace15 PIE Tale page 1 :iconlace15:Lace15 16 10 Pie dump 1 by Lace15 Pie dump 1 :iconlace15:Lace15 13 1 Stabby boi by Sleepyhead12 Stabby boi :iconsleepyhead12:Sleepyhead12 26 3 ~VenturianTale SONG~ Yesterday by FearsomeRindall ~VenturianTale SONG~ Yesterday :iconfearsomerindall:FearsomeRindall 85 40 ~VT SONG~ Descend by FearsomeRindall ~VT SONG~ Descend :iconfearsomerindall:FearsomeRindall 44 48 Katrina by ShoobaQueen Katrina :iconshoobaqueen:ShoobaQueen 64 10



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Sumo chibi and pagedoll by MuskyCat90 Hank Anderson chibi (and pagedoll) by MuskyCat90 Connor chibi and pagedoll by MuskyCat90
Welcome - Wilderness Typeface (black) by HinaTheBlue

Sumo chibi and pagedoll by MuskyCat90 Hank Anderson chibi (and pagedoll) by MuskyCat90 Connor chibi and pagedoll by MuskyCat90
Friends - Wilderness Typeface (black) by HinaTheBlue

And many more.

Sumo chibi and pagedoll by MuskyCat90 Hank Anderson chibi (and pagedoll) by MuskyCat90 Connor chibi and pagedoll by MuskyCat90
Inspirations - Wilderness Typeface (black) by HinaTheBlue

And many more.

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Some classics.

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Pride Month pagedoll by owlwitch104 Pride Month pagedoll 2 by owlwitch104
Trans Pride pagedoll by owlwitch104

Homicidal Liu - NEW Pagedoll [bouncy] by Akito0405
.:YCH For owlwitch104:. by MaidenOfTheMacabre
Cheshire Cat by metal-marty
Red Eye - FTU by BelieveTheHorror
Liu Doggypasta -free to use- by MildHyena
Knife by CatSpy69
Buzzfeed Unsolved by Theoodle

Blinking Sharingan  [animated] by BionicBandit

Inverted Cross Bullet by CraftedDuskThat's A Secret|Secret|Other Inverted Cross Bullet by CraftedDusk

For the lives that I take, I'm going to hell!
For the laws that I break, I'm going to hell!
For the love that I hate, I'm going to hell!
For the lies that I make, I'm going to hell!

Pentagram Bullet by CraftedDusk
Coding by XxSatanaxX

Skull by PinkCloudHugger

heh by yiq Derpsiel by Puvs Castiel pixel by tentativeCanvas
Icon by:iconmaidenofthemacabre:
Sumo,Hank,and Connor pagedoll by: :iconmuskycat90:

(FREE) scrolling BG: mystery woods by SqdPxl
Name:That's A Secret | Age:Secret | Info:I'm Insane |Pronouns: They/Them
Hello welcome to my page I do art for a living and I'm a lover of youtube so basically all I do is watch VT


"Me crazy? Ha I call it being insane."

003 - yikes by dyingcrystal My Head is a Very Dark Place Stamp by G0REH0UND Killer Stamp by G0REH0UND

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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Holy mother of god 1 more watcher until I get to 100 watchers!!!
Changed my icon for the 100th time but this time it's my other vamp child I got.
The Gamers
Looks like my boy found another gamer.

This is some fanart for an amazing artist! Hope you enjoy! <3

My boy Gabriel is on the left just so everyone knows.

Programs used:MS Paint 3 Icon , MediBang Paint Pro Icon
Time taken: almost the whole day
Gabriel's owner: :iconowlwitch104:
Sam's owner: :iconforgottendreams03:
Base owner: :iconhuirou:
So as some my know I like to listen to songs from Set It Off well today is Zach Dewall's birthday today!

some may not know who Zach Dewall is well he's the guitarist of Set It Off.
Soo Google works quick!
So I was on Google looking for this one base (no I didn't find the base) and I found this! The other bases are not a link to my DA it's to other places mostly Pinterest.
Jade's Ref sheet
New child!!

specie: unicorn
name: Jade
Nickname: ???
age: 16
sex: Female
gender: Female
pronounce: She/Her
relationship: none
personality: Smart,Kind,Helpful,and Protective
likes: Reading,Crystals,Gardening,and Sour food
dislikes: Heights,The cold,Sweets,and People who make fun of her
birthday: August 20
Zodiac sign: Leo

Got from: :iconredhead-alex:
Base by: :iconsu-star:
Base link: Ref base
Happy Birthday Dalton
Happy birthday Hope you have an amazing day today!! <3 <3

Mike's owner: :iconimsoveryparanoid:
Base by: :iconscaevitas:
Base link: 10 point pixel base!!
Okay so I LITERALLY just had to throw away a WHOLE chocolate bar A. Because it was out of date and B. Because it tasted funny and I WAS NOT taking any chances of getting sick!!
Sooo.... I found this Sassy Free Bases by bunslake and I'm going to use some of them for my Oc's BUT I want to know if I should use the bottom right one for some VT art
So I did some YHC's and they're still open and they're only 10 points but if you don't have points I'm willing to take art or unwanted pony Oc's.

YHC link:
YHC'S by owlwitch104
Random topic!

So some might be wondering or they might not be "Are you ever going to get a core?" The answer to this is probably not. Or so may or may not be wondering "Do you think anyone will give you a core?" The answer to that is no since I really don't deserve to be given a core, I really don't know why I think I don't deserve to be given a core I just do.
So like the title says I need help with naming BUT this time it's different!

Here's who needs a name. Yes this is the One adopt I keep only he's in his normal form.

New Oc by owlwitch104

Now the reason this is different is because anyone can pick a name from ANY one of my male Oc's that have a name. So here's the link to my Oc folder… anyone can pick as many names. It will be up to a random name picker to choose the TRUE name. Once the name is picked in the description of the post I'll say who gave the name that was chosen. So the point is go through my folder of Oc's and pick names from my male Oc's and comment them,and that's basically the short version.
Dettlaff's Ref sheet
Got a new son!

Now many might be thinking "Hey I've seen this Oc before" and I'll get into that in a min. Others might be like "Wait you stole this Oc from CrazeCookie" or something along those lines. For the people who thinks I stole this Oc YOU'RE WRONG!!! CrazeCookie wasn't using this Oc any more and she was selling him so I decided to adopt him. Now I hope this clears things up but if it doesn't here's more proof that I bought him. -Im selling him- Dettlaf -Closed-. So if you go and look on the link there's your proof!

EDIT: I might change his hair but idk yet.

Name: Dettlaf
Nickname: Beast, Monster, Dett
Gender: Male
Species: Earth pony, vampire
Status: Single
Age: ???
Birthday: May 31
Sexuality: Heterosexual, aromantic
Personality: Mysterious, smart, impulsive, get angry easily, doesn't talk much, grumpy
Likes: Wine, blood, being alone, acoustic music, white roses, apple pies, bats, crows
Dislikes: Being around other ponies, when someone tells him what to do, sweet things, sun/light

Base by - :iconkatnekobase:
Base link -
Art by/Got from - :iconcrazecookie:
Josh's Ref sheet
Finally got this posted!

specie: Unicorn
name: Josh
Nickname: Joshua
age: 20
sex: Male
gender: Male
pronounce: He/him
relationship: None
personality: Quiet,,Friendly,Smart,and Shy
likes: Being alone,Reading,Sweets,and Listening to music
dislikes: Snow,Bright Colors,Rude people, and Heights
birthday: May 20
Zodiac sign: Gemini

Got him from: :iconimsoveryparanoid:
Base by: :iconforgottendreams03:
Base link: P2U Reference Sheet Base (10 Points!)
So DA is being dumb again so later I'll have to reupload my new Oc's ref sheet
So I have some adopts that really need to go now I'm going to link them and they're all 10 points even
though they have prices but that's how much everyone of them is now. Or is you don't have points art or
unwanted pony Oc's are welcome too.

Adopt Rules Please Read

-Don't resale once bought
-Put the points on my donation pool
-If art is made for the adopt after it's bought credit me the first time
-Don't change. the gender of the adopt you buy
-Don't change their looks or colors
-I will give you a link to the stash via note

All 10 points
Pony Adopts 3 (price lowered) by owlwitch104
Both 10 points
Pony adopts 2 (price lowered) by owlwitch104

1 is now 10 points CLOSED
Pony Adopts (price lowered) by owlwitch104
4 is 10 points
Mystery Adopts 5 by owlwitch104
She's 10 points
Chinese Themed Adopt (updated price) by owlwitch104
Just going to put this song I like here.

So I added more people to my inspirations in my donation pool. So if anyone want's to see what I mean just look at my inspirations in my donation pool.


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