Favorite Season?
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Published: September 11, 2013
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all of them, but especially autumn
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Winter and fall:3
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TorotielProfessional Interface Designer
Autumn and winter are terrible glah winter is too cold and the short days make me sleepy and unmotivated, autumn is fine until it actually cools down and all you have is cold and wind with leaf dirt fragments blowing into your eyyyyeeesssss.

I like spring and summer most, spring makes me happy as I notice the days getting longer and the days getting warmer, summer is even better because of the light evenings and not cold at all and holidays and christmas and new years at the beach.
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Bat-SymphonyStudent General Artist
Autumn~ :dummy:
I like winter only cause of snow...though I'm lucky if there's snow over here....
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TheFluffehGryphonHobbyist Artist
All except Summer.

I feel pretty icky all Summer.
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ProfessorMegamanHobbyist Traditional Artist
Winter. I can sleep a full 8 hours without waking up soaking in sweat. Plus snow and the holidays remind me of those happier, youthful days.
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qhosttoastStudent General Artist
Summer and Autumn uwu Winter is kind of a hard time season ;A; But I like it too ;v;
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Nippon-OkamiStudent Filmographer
Winter and autumn ;u;
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lazyakitaStudent Digital Artist
Autumn and Winter ♥
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all of the except spring!! i really dislike spring here because it comes abit too late and theres mud everywhere and its really wet 8((((
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Yeah, it also rains a lot during the spring in a lot of areas, so it gets pretty gross!
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datpandaHobbyist Digital Artist
Autumn <3 Followed by Spring. Summers here are too hot and winters too muddy. 
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I hear ya! The winters are brutal here, and the summers, way too hot. I prefer Spring/Autumn where it's in the middle.

By the way, I love your icon! :love:
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datpandaHobbyist Digital Artist
8D Thank you!
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TheOneBehindYouHobbyist Writer
I used to say summer.

Now its Winter because no more mowing.
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But a lot of shoveling instead. ;o; But then again, you live in Florida, so no snow for you. xD
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TheOneBehindYouHobbyist Writer
Exactly, no pain and misery. I hate being cold but I'd rather be cold then mow the damn yard one more time.
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Yeah, and I imagine the grass there grows like wildfire. >o<
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TheOneBehindYouHobbyist Writer
You have no idea...

Every two weeks its up to your knee's.
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I would die. u__u
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TheOneBehindYouHobbyist Writer
Yep and I gotta mow those every two weeks, its fabulous 8D
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I love the Autumn! I also love the Spring, minus the allergies because it's when I was born! But I love the Autumn because of Halloween and a general nostalgia feeling that attaches to me.
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FluffbuttAlexHobbyist Digital Artist
All ^^ 
Except Winter ¬¬
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Winter can be brutal here, so I can understand!
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