Do you write down your dreams?
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Yes! :D
No! :noes:
I always forget what dreams I've had... xD
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By owlity   |   Watch
Published: July 14, 2011
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santinelineHobbyist Digital Artist
Not really ._. I've been thinking of doing it, but i never do... I should make a blog or something.
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MileniaKitsuveeHobbyist General Artist
Yes! but sometimes I wake up at 5am and too sleepy to write it down :C But I remember my most important ones and write them out later. All my dreams always either come true or are a message from my spirit guide/s. D: Rarely do I have one that is only "just a dream" XD
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well i do have a dream journal but i hardly write stuff down but i have had a good deal of lucid dreams even met my dream guide which was cool still takes a good deal of practice before im good at controling em
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snowball do you do it to lucid dream? cause most people keep a dream journal to help em remeber to lucid dream better
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I think I have once! If I did, I don't remember. :/ How about you?
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SombraTheWolfHobbyist General Artist
Well, actually, if they're interesting enough, I draw scenes from them. Like sometimes I'll see a strange creature, I make it a point to get a rough sketch of it and kinda refine it from there. I heard a long time ago, Ms. Hudson ( I think that was her name....Megan? The art teacher that hated me.) ssaying that Salvador Dali slept with a sketchpad under his pillow and always drew out his dreams. Which is probably why he pulled off the whole "surrealism thing" quite nicely. I never slept with mine, though, I just tried to remember. Once I wrote a poem about a dream where I was lost in Niagara Falls, kinda interpreting it at more than face value. I just remember the title of it being "Disenchanted" ....I wonder if I could find the paper around here, it actually kinda didnt suck. :shrug:
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PsalmSevenHobbyist Digital Artist
You have 500? That's really cool! :D I keep a dream log too but I only record the recurring ones.
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KatimusPrimeHobbyist General Artist
Yes, but the only ones that really stick are the nightmares. ^^
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ProfessorMegamanHobbyist Traditional Artist
No, but then again, I rarely dream. I know that sounds kinda weird... maybe it's because I sleep with the TV on too much, the background noise probably prevents that lobe of my brain from entering a nocturnal state.

Just a theory.
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MucrushHobbyist Digital Artist
Not really, but I always remembers a bit of the weirdest ones xD
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littlestwingsProfessional General Artist
No. I should.. but I always forget to. xD I remember most of the dreams I remember.
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Yes! I currently have almost 500 dreams written down in the past 5 years!
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awesome : D I have never kept count but I keep a blog of them on livejournal.
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Nice! I'm glad to hear that. ^^ Not many people do.
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