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Taking her Innocence.

By owlink
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Some events that have occured in our lives can leave us scarred, but in the long run, only make us stronger.
I dont appreciate what you did to me, i never will. You've left me scarred. But thanks for giving me the experience because now i am stronger.

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Rape: 1 of thee most evillest of all crimes, but shockingly not fully reported, not only that, this crime is almost certain to be covered up
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This is absolutley stunning. This one picture can speak volumes to many. You did a great job. :)
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I wish I felt that way about what happened to me!

I hope all is well.
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^,^ COooooooooool
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Dx So true..
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it looks like an emo kid being eaten by himself.
honestly it is really neat. i truely like it.
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:] <- except not as bluntly happy looking.
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i feel that way and im scared cuse every time i close my eyes at night i feer that pain will come back and with every sound i hear im always alert no mater what! but it made me stronger from runing bare foot on broken glass(lieratly),shaking nonstop for 3 days, feeling starved but when you try to eat your bloted, and you have a feeling that your heart shdered in to a milion peases like glass and land in your stumach constintly diging deeper in to your flesh i been dealing with this for a half a year and when i think its over the day after i un pack it happpends again tragity is a misterios thing that can at first make you week but then makes you strong even to talk about this makes me shake and feel alone..i need a hug =(sorry it is so long but its all true and it is what this pic is in my eyes
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Omigoodness! I can see that you've been feeling alot of pain. You dont deserve to be going through that. Nobody does. ):
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thank you a comment like that and a good friend is the only thing (other than god and music) that keeps me going thank you for being such a good friend!!!!! -HUGE HUG- :hug::manhug::iconmanhugplz::iconhugplz:
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nice pic :) love the emotion in it
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this is nice..emotional and something people can relate to...
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I can't believe there are still kids at your age who can really think. I am happy you are an exception from the rule.

Wonderful and very emotional drawing!
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Ah, thanks so much <3
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I love the composition and value you gave this... Also that's one killer monster!:nod:
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Thankyou! (:
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I know I say this all the time but it's because I truly mean it.
Never stop drawing<33 You're great at it, and I just know it'll take you somewhere someday c:

I also love how you put so much meaning into your pictures<33

idk if I've told you this but you're seriously one of my favorite artists on DA c:
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Moo thats one of the biggest compliments ive ever recieved. ;;
thankyou so much... :heart:!
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No problem at all, Manda~ c:
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I clicked the link in the dark and it made me squeal for a sec lol
These days I've been thinking about the same thing
Wow, you're so young yet know so much ^^
Love this:heart:
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