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Strange Encounters

By OwlieOwl
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omg last minute is an understatement -dies-
Garrett and Rayhan meet a momma armadillo and her babies on the trail!
Nine banded armadillos are a state animal of Texas, and a species that I think would confuse the hell out of Rayhan. Is it a friend? Or a horse eating demon? :giggle:

Show: CBR's Irish Rodeo 2020 
Class: Endurance Race
Horse: SE Rayhan
Rider: Garrett Richards

Garrett rolled his head to the side and reached up to rub his shoulder. He woke with a kink in his neck, and he had hoped it would have gone by now. However it was nearly race time and nothing had changed, so his hopes weren't very high. Sighing he shifted his weight as Rayhan faked a spook at a dried leaf, leaping sideways and snorting.

"Would you cut that out?" he asked, trying to surpress a yawn. He never slept well without his redheaded wife, and this trip was no different. "You'll get to flail about in a few minutes. It's almost 8."

The sun was already warm, shining brightly in the sky overhead. It was a nice change from back home. It may be spring there but that didn't necessarily mean warm; this felt like a nice summer day. Garrett rose his head to absorb the sun's warmth into his face. It was great now, but he couldn't imagine being in Texas in the height of summer. Guiding the stallion back and forth, the pair wore a slow path into their section of grass. 

Thinking about home Garrett's mind changed course to all of the work he had waiting back there for him. It was spring, and that meant birthing season. Mr. Ballam has a good dozen cows that should be calving in the next few weeks. Mrs. Pelley has...two? I think, two standardbreds due. Liam has that mini mare that I'm nervous about... I hope none of them go while I'm here. He frowned, glacing at the time on his watch. 5 more minutes. Guiding the antsy stallion away from other competitors, he kept thinking. Richard can handle normal, basic births at least. But he did admit that he had never been to a birth where something went wrong. And he only helped one mare before. Ugh. The man shook his head. It was never good to get himself worried about things right before a race. Especially not work that he couldn't do anything about.

Glacing down at Rayhan's radar ears he smiled. The refined, tippy ears reacting to every sound reminded him of his new mare. The strange coloured Tingla was a gorgeous addition to the barn, and he had noticed more than one person driving down the road stopping to take photos. "Well boy," he murmured more to himself than the stallion. "My wife says that the new boarder Kayla is a good rider. And she'll be getting more experience working at the barn, so it's not like she won't be supervised. Think I did okay, asking her to work out Tingla? I think she fell in love at first sight."

The stallion chose that moment to prance sideways, reacting to the man's voice. Muttering Rayhan began to chew on his bit loudly. "Oooh," Garrett laughed, guiding the stallion toward the officials who waved them over. "I see. You want a young girl to love on you as well, huh? Braids in your mane, flowers behind your ear. That sort of thing?"

Rayhan tossed his head, taking tiny steps as they waited in their designated starting position. Leaning forward Garrett gave the stallion a hearty slap on the neck. "Tell you what. You do good here, and I'll let you have one full spa day with the girls back home. They'd love it, and I'm sure you'd get cookies."

Hearing the word cookies Rayhan's ears flew back to listen, head tilting to the side to try to look at the man on his back. Garrett laughed at the wide eyes staring at him. Hearing the call to race he grinned and urged the stallion on. "What are you waiting for then boy? Let's get going!"

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lmao Rayhan can have all the braids and flowers xD He's adorable and pretty and can have as many cookies as he wants xDD Super cute piece <3

OwlieOwl's avatar

Thank you <3

And what's better than a spa day full of cookies and scratches? Nothing xD

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Those armadillos are toooo cute xD Bless Rayhan's face hahaha
But yaaaay baby season is upon us :dummy:
I'm the same as Rayhan - my ears fly in the direction of whoever said cookies too LOL
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Now that last statement.... that explains things! 
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It's why I always follow you around Creepy stare 
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I'm going to ehmm I really have to ehhmm.... -slowly backs away-
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Hahahha! This made me laugh out loud - those are some spooky (and adorable) armadillos!

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I wouldn't say no to armadillos, though it might be a bit cold for them in Canada xD
Jessa-bee's avatar

Hahahaha! As a fellow Canadian, I agree it's probably too cold XD

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aww this looks so cute :love: best of luck in the show :la:
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Thanks so much!
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Quick shadind she said.... tsssk woman this entry turned out amazing!!! And daaawwww those lil cute armadillos!!

Best of luck in the show dear!
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Thank you darling! <3
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Excuse me while I scream over the baby armadillos.

Also if this is foreshadowing for a foaling-gone-wrong I will cry.
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I want them in real life :giggle:
And no foreshadowing, this is just Garrett thinking about work. He's the community large animal vet, not just for the stable.
I already wrote about that a while back D:
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Ahhh, I missed it. I'm still needing to get caught up on everyone's storylines ;; 
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