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Selfish blood

By OwlCoat
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"The road I walk is paved in gold
To glorify my platinum soul
I'll buy my way to talk to god
So he can live with what I'm not"


in a way this song fits to Fallenwhisper..but not completely! She's not like Tigerstar for example, it's more subtle than that ehe Lenny Korean Bunny 

I really wanted to draw this for a while ;w; I loaf golden blood meh
also I tried something with perspective but it was kinda hard ehe

wow I really need to work on the new comic page, I went back to school and I'm pretty busy for the moment

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i see how much you'r anatomy improved XD This one is still very great thought, but the anatomy is more rusty that in you'r actual style

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Can we make art trade? i don't know if you do art trade, but i love making that, so i ask to people who art is amazing XD
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this is such a gorgeous pose????so good?
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this reminds me of the gold touch! So cool!
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That is so EPIC!
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Oh My goshh this looks AMAZING
And these effect looks sooo beautifulll
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thank you so much!!
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You are veryyy welcomee
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Great job
I really like the perspective and just the generell drawing style

got any tipps for some people that just started with drawing?
Im currently trying to draw every single day but got any like personal tipps or lets ask it this way:
how did you improve and how did you stay motivated?

again great job if it wouldnt have that white background i would probably use it as Wallpaper.
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thank you so much!! ;o;

mmmh well like you already do, draw every day, use references!! do a lot of observation drawing rlly important!! like drawing people in the street :>
I draw since I'm 2 yo, I'm 20 now and never stopped drawing ^^ 
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observation drawing

that seems like a great idea

thank you!

and wow thats a loooooonnnggg time since you started

im now nearly 20 and i literally just started in april :P
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well, improvement takes a lot of time :')
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thats true
takes a lot of determination
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O^O ooooh

Gold blood...the contrasting side of a unicorn...

I like very much

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aha true

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I recognized the song through the title. My god this is beautiful.
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ehe great song :la: thank you so much 
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This is amazing. How do you do the blood effects?
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I draw it myself, I also use a ref for gold :>
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Thanks, do you have any tips on how to draw blood on a simple drawing program? It's a phone app called Ibis Paint X and I've seen no tutorials for drawing blood on the app.
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