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Ahmes talking with Shu and Kit, two young thieves trying to steal her food! She knows them well, she knows that they're pretty clever..and never miss the opportunity to bother someone.

Ahmes doesn't hate them, she's even pretty amused by their attempts..but never fooled by their tricks and their cute faces.
Sometimes she has some pitty for them and provides them some of her food!

Ahmes belongs to me

Shu and Kit belong to 
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Aaa i really liked those lightings :0
OwlCoat's avatar
aw thank you so much ;w;
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U are wellcome ^w^
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Wow. Is this from a role play for something? Is so... pleassse link it. It seems interesting.
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This looks like a screenshot from a disney movie! Like omg you are so talened!:))
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Thank you so much!!
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The adult cat reminds me of Zira from The Lion King 2.
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The expression reminds me of Xigbar, for some reason...
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Your style is so cute! I love the scarf/ knife holder neck thing.
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thank you so much it means a lot :'o
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They can't fool Ahmes
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Oh no
Is there something behind me?
*Looks back*
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Why are you advertising your channel here?
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oh dude im really sorry i want to be forgiven ive learned my mistake
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you're on the front page of da omg O-O
OwlCoat's avatar
yeah I saw this yesterday and I don't understand x)
calypso-moon's avatar
it's bc you're an art god, obviously. :')
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It seems like something from a film... I love it
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