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Commission | When we were young

By OwlCoat
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A huge thank you to @ignacioplay for commissioning me this piece :'D 
I was so glad to actually draw my own characters for a commission!! 

I really had a lot of fun, and i'm doing fine, taking some distances with social networks helps me getting better <3 

I hope you"ll like it :)
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They are so cute!! :3 You can tell they're having a great time! Also, the background is really pretty! :)
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I adore how much younger you can tell they are here based on feline details such as the length of their tails, ears too big for the head, and short legs <3
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So beautiful and pleasing mood. It looks like animated movie. I would watch it with pleasure! ♥
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These poses are so nice? They look so happy and carefree... my heart
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thank you aaaa :heart:
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young and carefree babies 
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Their so cute >-< and look so happy <33
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I like how you draw cats it looks fricken epic.
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I can't believe this is Owl and SilverMist when they were young...
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Yeah when they were apprentice!
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Well, times of learning are fun times...
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Owl's face! I wanna hug her! 
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"let me photograph you in this light in case this is the last time that we might, be exactly like we were Before we realized We were sad of getting old, It made us restless... It was just like a movie..... It was just like a song" ~ sorry the title made me think of this song!
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It was inspired by this song actully ehe
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I love everything about this.
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The fox and the hound?
OwlCoat's avatar
Jssjdj pretty much
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Rey: I don't remember anything from when I was young...
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This is really gorgeous!
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/confused if i am allowed to post it in russian Owl Flight community, 'cause it's comission/
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(Sure you can!!)
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