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right! its my b-day and guess what i got a A4 genius graphics tablet, its great i love it, art shall be fourthcoming, and once i get a scaner all the art that i have done shall miraculasly apear

ps scuse any spellin mistakes cos mines a bit crap
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Hey Amanda,
I just dropped by to thank you for adding me to your Watchlist.  If I may ask:  was there anything in particular that made you watch my gallery?  I always like to hear people's opinions, so I can offer more of what people like - so please don't be afraid to drop comments!  :)

Regarding your Journal Entry above:  congratulations on the drawing tablet!  They take a bit of getting used to, but really broaden one's artistic capabilities.  If I may offer a bit of advice:  don't forget to look around at the various software that's available.  If you don't feel like shelling out a fortune to rent a copy of Photoshop, there are a ton of robust, free-to-own apps like GIMP and Paint Tool SAI that will really assist your craft.
As for the scanner, if you don't yet have one (and, depending on where you live), you could always try your local print shop or library.  Libraries often (but not always) have lower quality scanners, intended for scanning documents.  However, they have the advantage of usually being free of charge - and some places are surprisingly well-equipped.  On the flip-side, print shops charge a modest fee, but tend to offer higher resolution ad a broader range of file types.
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yeah had the tablet for a while, dont use it much, havent had a great deal of time for doing art tbh, as to your art i think it was some of the dayah forest art that caught my interest, interested in seeing more
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Ah, time...  the bane of many artists - or those of us who want to make a living anyway.  Those "starving artist" types have the good life...  -_^

I'm glad to hear you like the Dayah stuff!  As soon as I get some time of my own, I'll be putting up a new image in that set.  It'll be a more serious piece (my last few have been pretty cheesecakey...  ^^; ), dealing with the Dayah's funerary practices.  After that, I might do one either related to housing or some images centered on the various wildlife (flora, fauna and fungi) of the jungle.
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Yay, you finally got one! =D I've been enjoying mine!
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yes - quite a big one, i have used one before though so i do know how nice they are.

need a scanner though - then the art shall realy apear
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Mat just got me a new scanner/printer, and I'm feeling pretty smug because it's actually better than his. >=D
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