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Ciliegia Special Somepony Contest! (SSPC)

Ciliegia is the eldest daughter of Padrone, the Lead Buck of the Chestnut Herd. She's pretty down-to-earth, and will protect her friends at any cost. She's looking for someone who can make her laugh, but can be serious at times. It would probably be good for her, if she could find someone who would protect her, rather than her protecting him. 

If there are not any entries that I like, I won't chose them. The contest will remain open until an entry that fits Ciliegia is posted.

How to enter. :3
1) Fill out the base at the top with the pony you wish to enter, and post it to your DA. (Remember to credit SecretMonsters)
2) In the description, tell me a bit about your pony in a few sentences and perhaps link to their reference if they have one. 
3) Also in the description, tell me your vision on how these two would meet and fall in love in a few sentence.
4) Paste the link to your entry Deviation in a comment on this one!

How the winner will be picked.
What ever feels right to me will be picked. It has to be something that both me and Ciliegia would agree on. 100% chemistry is a MUST.

1) All four of the steps in the 'How to enter' section MUST be followed or your pony will not be entered! Each one is pretty important. :3
2) Only male deer ponies, please.
3) Credit the base maker, SecretMonsters! I cannot stress this enough.
4) I wish I could accept all of them but I really can't, if your pony loses please don't comment that you're really sad about it or something, I will already feel really bad about it...
5) Be good sports, this should go without saying but I don't want to see anyone on anyone else's entries bashing them, if I see this happen you will be removed from the contest.
6) Be advised that I may use Ciliegia in breedings with other ponies, you may do the same with your pony as well if you win.
7) Don't make a pony just to be her mate unless you plan on using them for things even if they don't win! I would rather already existing ponies that you use or plan to use. You can still create new ponies, but please plan on using them, even if you don't win. ^^
8) I won't be making any remarks on any of the entries until the contest is over, so don't think of me as rude for not doing so! I don't want anyone to think they have an edge of another because of something I comment about the entry. 
9) Only one entry per person, please.
10) Feel free to edit your entry as much as you want even if you're already submitted it, as long as you edit it on the same deviation. I will be judging them by the final version I read when the contest ends!
11) Please remember, Padrone is her father and Snow Cherry is her mother! If your OC has either one of them as his parent, it will not be counted!

Winners will recieve:
A breeding between Ciliegia and their OC.
A new herd in TheDeerHerd that you OC is the Lead Buck of.
Co-Founder spot in TheDeerHerd, due to the new herd.


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Ciliegia x Valens
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Finished! Sorry the "how they meet" has a lot of detail. I couldn't resist.
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I will be entering, :>
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I think your entry won Ciligia's heart. :)
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//screams did I win? I really enjoyed designing him :D This was fun
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Blocksy-Art's avatar
If it's still open that is ;-;
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Heee~ o-o

Would this be still open?
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Alright I'm finished!
My entry can be found here:…
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I would like to enter but could you please turn downloads on?
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Done! Sorry 'bout that.
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It's okay! I'll be working on the reference sheet as well so It may take a few days
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