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We are posting these rules in order to avoid further misunderstandings during submissions process. Please follow the rules to avoid arguments

Group Purpose: Owl-House is a place for all things relating to owls! Owl-House is committed to showing devaintArt's amazing and under appreciated owls! All owls are accepted here; from the tiny pygmy to the rare Blakiston's Fishing Owl, all the way up to the giant Eagle Owl! We are happy to see realistic owls, stylised owl designs, owl crafts, etc. If you have any advice or suggestions, drop us a note!


1. Treat each other with respect - Do not argue with members on our pages
2. Do not argue with the admins team, our word is final.
3. Stealing and not giving proper credits to  photo manipulations are prohibited; if admin team will find a stolen piece in the group gallery, it will be deleted and the member will be kicked out.
4.     The  staff reserves the right to delete any member's artwork that we deem inappropriate for our gallery without prior notice or explanation.
5. No spam or advertisement on our pages! You will be reported.
6. We are happy to see your feedback and suggestions. Also, we can help to promote owl-themed contests & events in your group, please use a note for it.
Please read these rules carefully! If you are not sure, you are always free to contact us during submission or via note!

1. Your piece MUST BE about an owl. The owl must be the main subject of the piece although multiple characters are allowed. In this case it must be clear from the description that the picture is about the owl.
2. Make sure you submit your piece into the correct gallery! Misplaced submissions will be declined.
:bulletred:Traditional art -  paintings, drawings done with acrylics, oils, pen, pencils, ink, watercolor, a spray can, graffiti, tattoo, face paint etc.  
    We do not accept – lined, dirty paper, blurry photos, unfinished pieces or WIPs.
IMPORTANT – painted stones, ceramics, wooden pieces, chests, jewelry – go to Artisan crafts folder!
:bulletorange:Digital art – pieces done using computer software (raster and vectors), photo manipulations. Please put your pixel works into a Pixel folder!
:bulletyellow:Mixed media – pieces of traditional art edited  using computer software, mixed traditional and digital works  - collages, etc.
:bulletgreen:Artisan crafts – all kinds of craft works, paper folding, paper cutting, glass, metal, wooden, clay sculpture, carving, food art, jewelry, masks, costumes, crochet, cross stitch & embroidery, toys, plush, miniatures etc. Must be done by you!
:bulletblue:Pixel art - This folder is for digital art, created through the use of raster graphics (pixels) both isometric and non-isometric. Icons and templates go here too.
:bulletpurple:Photography – general bird photography, photography of architectural pieces or details depicting owls. We are happy to see a non-distracting background, original pose, composition, low noise and decent lighting.
    We do not accept – blurry photos, anything that does not have the focus on the owl (i.e. a focus on a person with a small owl on the shoulder, but we are accept few fingers or part of a hand. Falconry gear and some cage bars are allowed but not too much) Books, toys collections are not allowed too, (unless they are made by you, submit them into Artisan crafts folder).
:bulletpink:Literature - This folder is for prose and poetry about owls: owls must be the main theme or focus in the story (verses). In some cases we also accept comics (with lots of texts).
:bulletwhite:Tutorials – your original tutorials on drawing owls or making owl themed crafts.
:bulletblack:Animations – pieces which move, videos and GIFs.
3. WE DO HAVE QUALITY STANDARDS! We are OK with beginner art, but we want to see some effort in your work; messy and unfinished pieces, rough linearts will be declined! Such things as: lined, dirty paper, blurry photos, unfinished pieces or WIPs (unless it`s a tutorial) are strictly prohibited!
4. What we do not accept:
- works under our quality standards (see rule # 3)
-       photo manipulations without credit
- pictures which do not feature an owl  (small owl and a big human/animal)
- fantasy creatures which have some “owl features” (owl heads with animal ears/horns, wolf/dog/cat/human body, snake tails, gryphons, anthropomorphized owls, furry, owl-looking dragons, etc)
5. Why my submission was declined? - First, there should have been a comment on your  submission explaining why it was denied.  If there wasn't, check the rules. If you've checked the RULES and still do not understand why your piece was denied, ask us by placing a comment in the declined submission.  If you no longer have access to the submission and you really want to know why your piece was denied, send us a noted with subject "Why was my piece declined?" and a link to the declined piece. And please see the rule # 2 of General Group rules.

--- Admin team :iconowlplz:

© 2014 - 2021 Owl-House
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Minor updates: please submit comics with text to Literature, without - to Digital art. :)
ProjectOWL's avatar
I think anthropomorphized owls and furry owls might be the same thing.
CommanderEVE's avatar
No, they are different believe it or not. One means an owl with human traits while the other vice versa. 
Redilion's avatar
Ooh I have never thought of these :O
CommanderEVE's avatar
I had to really think about it, hard.
albastrix's avatar
Hopefully, more people will read these. I guess we all know that there are always those who wouldn't even think about reading them, but we can only hope for the best! :D
Happy5art's avatar
I'm one of those strange people that always reads the rules of groups, so I've read your updated ones. Thank for putting this up, it's always good to know what's alowed in a group. Although in here you havn't put how many submissions you can add to the group. I always find that useful to know, 'cos if you've got loads of pic's and you can only submit a small amount then you want to put only your best work, but if you can submit loads then you'd put all of them in. Sorry this has turned into a long message, but I thought I'd let you know that I find it usefull to see that information on the front page.

Thanks for a great group :D
Redilion's avatar
Hello. We have no limits on submissions (and I have never met a person who has enough owl art to spam our folders). Anyway, if  any crazy spammer appears, we are always able to block it.
Thanks for your comment.
albastrix's avatar
Oh, no, this should never be a strange thing to always read the rules! It's always good to read them! Unfortunately, it is for some . . .

And, you mean how many submissions per a certain unit of time? Or do you mean over your entire time as a member? As far as I know, there's really no limit to how much you may submit as long as you don't spam the gallery folders, of course. :D I might be corrected if I'm wrong, as I've never had a problem with a submission limit.
Happy5art's avatar
Yer, submissions over a certain time. There's some groups I'm in that have a limit of only one submission per month, and others that are 3 per day, that kinda of thing. If there's no limit set I supose you could mention it or not, up to you really. Sorry for woffeling nonsence and thanks for the info.
albastrix's avatar
Hey, it's good to be curious, too. There's no shame in not knowing something; the shame is in when you just suffer in silence instead of asking! No problem.
Redilion's avatar
We have No limits at all Go go llama 
albastrix's avatar
Woo, go owl crazy! Owl art party! The universe is invited.
Redilion's avatar
Indeed! :D But now we can at least SHOW them the rules journal!
albastrix's avatar
Yes, indeed! It will be an improvement.
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