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Animal Practice

Practicing some animal anatomy, I I really love how the horse and tiger turned out! I may add on to it, feel free to suggest a stock image (must be on DA and must be free to use)


Art - me

[link] - :iconmandykat:
[link] - :iconlena-panthera:
[link] - :iconchunga-stock:

[link] - :iconvabserk:
[link] - :iconmmad-sscientist:

Hooved animals:
[link] - :icontrack-maidens:
[link] - :iconnefarostock:
[link] - :icongeliguti:

[link] - :iconhatestock:
[link] - :iconalegion-stock:
[link] - :iconinki-stock:

[link] - :iconlydiardwildlife:

[link] - :iconstruckdumb:
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mandykat's avatar
these are really good :dance:
Owl-Flight's avatar
Talonwhisker's avatar
<33 You drew the crow I suggested! It looks amazing ;w;
Owl-Flight's avatar
thanks ^^ and yes, yes I did :)
SSUMA's avatar
This looks awesome, if you're still at it I can dig you up some more refs too if you want xD
Owl-Flight's avatar
Na' that's fine I want to do some different kinds of practice too :) That's just in case someone else wanted something too
SSUMA's avatar
all right sounds good~I'll be done my preoccupation by tomorrow so I can crit the rest of your full pieces if you're still wanting it(:
Owl-Flight's avatar
I can take anything you have to throw at me >: D
SSUMA's avatar
awesome, hopefully my weapons amount to something respectable then~!
M7Fire's avatar
It's like evolution of art as it gets higher, lol
Owl-Flight's avatar
I don't get it XDD you mean the ones at the top are better? that may be cuz I was starting to get lazy as I went
M7Fire's avatar
Sorry, didn't mean to offend, i was just speculating ^^;
Owl-Flight's avatar
not offended XDD just confused
M7Fire's avatar
I do that alot it seems <xD
geliguti's avatar
Excellent work, I really like ;)
Owl-Flight's avatar
thanks ^^ I haven't drawn a horse in a long time!
Scrubbels's avatar
Aweesome. This is really good. =3
Owl-Flight's avatar
Scrubbels's avatar
No problamo :3
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