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The Boyo is claimed! <3

Ruby boy by Owl-Beast
2) (Male - Vayron - Runner - Healthy)
F: Lisse Coat
T: Bear Ears, Puff Tail, Round Eyes
P: Masked Dusted Ticked Ruby with Tanspots and Ray
G: Rub+nTs/Ma/Du/nR/nTck
Offer USD, Geno Trades, Slots, Art

Niloni and Kashta 6629 by Kuku-ri

Skill Points:
ATK: 0 DEF: 0 SPD: 0

For Training: HERE
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Alone Together

My monster girls Nil and Kashta ( enjoying the cherry blossoms in their own quiet corner, away from the noise and stares of other revelers. I was really excited to finally draw them. c: <3
Heyo! <3
My activity has been somewhat sporadic over the last few months, so I figured, even if it's just for my benefit, that I would address that and then talk a little about my plans for this year with my art. c:

TLDR: I've been dealing with some new health issues that have slowed me down, and my motivation has been lacking, but I'm working on it and have a lot of goals! \o/

So the health stuff;
I've got a few chronic health issues, physical and mental, that I've been learning to manage more this year. I was finally diagnosed with acid reflux and IBS, and have found some diet changes and tools that help me manage it most of the time. The biggest setback recently has been my joints. I'm hypermobile, meaning all of my joints bend a little in the wrong direction. They've been that way my whole life, and it's never been an issue, I was just a little more flexible than most people, but over the last 8 months or so it's suddenly been a problem and it's gotten worse somewhat quickly. My joints have gotten a lot more sensitive, so I can't lift heavy things because it really hurts my elbows, and certain small tasks like handwashing dishes can cause my fingers a lot of pain. I've dislocated a couple joints really easily, and recently my knees are starting to act up a little. I'm working to do what I can to help my body out; I'm using more supports when I'm sitting and I'm pursuing better fitness to get my body stronger and leaner, but the sudden physical limitations have definitely taken a toll on me mentally. It's a big adjustment to go from feeling like I was strong and capable to being weaker and fragile. I'll be seeing my doctor soon so that I can get all the information I need, and after that I'll do a little physical therapy so that I can learn the best ways to exercise and push my body without injuring myself. : )
On the mental end, I've still got my depression and PTSD in tow. I'm always learning how to manage it better, and have plans to hopefully start therapy in a few months. In the mean time though, between the new joint limitations and some recurring issues with my trauma, I've been pretty depressed for a while now, which has made it difficult to find the motivation or energy to work on art, to my disappointment.

So! I'm working hard to try and build some more healthy and positive habits for myself!
I sort of let myself sink into this bad place of just sitting around and feeling down over the last couple months, which doesn't help anything. Forming new routines is really difficult for me but I'm trying to take better care of myself, and there's so many things I'm excited to do this year! c:

Projects I'm excited about:

- Firstly, working on the gift arts! I've still got a lot of them, and I know I work slow, so just bear with me. I have every intention of getting to them all. c:
- Kukuris! Yep, we're gonna have a lot more kukuri art. It's taking me longer than I'd like but I have so many ideas and really want to get back into it!
- Creature Crossing; this new group is based on Animal Crossing and it's so cute, I'm excited to take part.
- Galari; I always love the space kids, and definitely want to pay them some more attention.
- There will probably be a few other things I play around with too. I still want to dabble in Reos, for instance.
Personal Stuff!
I don't have as many specifics to share because I'd rather just show you guys as I do things, but I've got some personal projects I'm really excited about as well!
Things like concept art for a game my partner and I are just starting to develop, as well as a few original stories and characters I'd like to explore more. It's been a long time since I've focused on personal projects and I'm ready to dip back into it.

Clearly that's a lot of stuff up there, which is pretty par for the course with me, but what can you do? :')
If I were to tell you guys what to expect from my work, all I could really say is that it's gonna be a bit all over the place, though that's not really anything new! I always get excited about a lot of different things, and they all help me grow in different ways. I'd love to be able to say that I have a specific focus and that my gallery could be super consistent, but that's just not where I am right now. So hopefully you won't mind being along for the ride!

Thanks for reading, and take care! <33


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