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Classic Werehog

Hey guys and gals! Mr.O here with my first drawing for the Julycanthropy art challenge and for this one, I decided to start with Sega's Blue Blur, Sonic! Now, the concept of a werehog may be a hit or miss idea for some of you, but for me, it's pretty cool. In fact, I did enjoy playing the night time levels in Sonic Unleashed, throwing stuff at enemies and beating them up in these slow pace sections. Hell, I had fun going full out as a were-creature once a certain energy meter was full.

Anyway, Once Julycanthropy came around, I thought to myself:'Why not draw Sonic The Werehog, but in the classic style?' and so I did. The canon version does look cool and a tad bit edgy, but I have wondered how he would look like if he was made back in the days of the Sega Genesis. To do that, I kept Sonic's circular body shape from his classic days, and his regular shoes, but gave him wolfy pointy ears, red eyes and basic white, ripped gloves which show off his claws. Instead of covering his entire arms in dark blue fur, I gave them a brighter shade of blue to give this design a somewhat distinct identity from the canon werehog form that we see in Sonic Unleashed. This is also the same color for his belly too to keep a semblance of his classic self.

What do think? Does he look good? Better than canon werehog eh? You think it would have been successful back in the Genesis days? Let me know and howl down in the comments!

That is all from me, Mr.O and see you in the next woooooorld! XD

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