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Anatomy Tutorial



Please visit my new account (~kalliann) if you would like to watch me or send me a note/comment. Thank you


Oh my god, I dont know why you people want me to teach you anatomy, because:

a.) I'm a horrible teacher
b.) I suck at anatomy myself. >:

BEFORE anyone decides to bash me for being so inaccurate and saying "YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG, BETCH." I would like to stress the fact that I am a self taught artist and have never taken any formal training in art. Everything I know is through my own experience, and anything in this tutorial is my own personal view on anatomy, and how I think it would be easier for other people to learn my method. Just as I stated in my tutorial, I found it weird using the head stacking method-- SO with this, I found a more helpful way to measure limbs without continuously drawing little circles.

It'd be really great if I actually help some of you out with this, so feel free to leave me a comment stating so. :] Those comments really make my day.

Also, feel free to link others to this page if you find it useful, and think that others might want to see it. :] Please ask before posting this on other sites first, and if you do, I need you to credit me, because I poured long hours of thought into this and I dont want it getting stolen. xD;;

Love always,

Other tutorials:

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Can I download this please?? It's gonna help me out a lot.
Afanasi-Wolf's avatar
quotes and notes are helpful, thx
ScribbleBoxFox's avatar
Do you mind if I throw this up on Tumblr and give you credit? I have a friend who would like to see it.
roscocheatham's avatar
very good, thank you.
MaiOldAccount's avatar
Kawaii desu desu? X3
KandiSOUL's avatar
just went to mi help folder :) thnx a bunch for posting!
Maikekai's avatar
This is really helpful, thank you :3
12xXAnneXx12's avatar
This is really helpful. xD
ayame18's avatar
Nice tutorial, I'll definitely use it to help me. :iconbravoplz:
NancieAnimeLuvr's avatar
Oh god, you don't know how much this helps. :iconiwantitplz:

I've been needing to practice my anatomy a bit more, so this a BIG help.
NeglectSummerAzure's avatar
NaviWannaB's avatar
GREAT tutorial.
pary16's avatar
this helped me soooo much
you basically pulled me out of my drawing crisis
thank you~ :)
DahBunnahKing's avatar
I hatehatehate drawing heads as well...I'm one of those people that will spend FOREVER trying to get one head absolutely perfect.
Though I can be more of a loose drawer...this is really gonna help me! Thanks again!
pastingcorners's avatar

I really suck at anatomy. You are my savior. And your gallery is absolutely awesome just to let you know.
owdof's avatar
Y-you're welcome! ;u; I'm glad you were able to understand it!
and thank you! >////<
Static-Foil's avatar
this tutorial still helps me out today and I reccomend it to friends who hae issues with these things uvu thanks again for sharing.
owdof's avatar
B'aw I'm glad~
Its comments like these that keep me from deleting anything I make. :]
Creativegreenbeans's avatar
wat r u talking about?! this is a GREAT tutorial! >0< xD its better than any of the books ive ever read ^^

*sigh* this is why i love drawing! when u study up on stuff, then when u understand it and get it, it makes u so excited and makes u wanna go out and draw!! >,<
owdof's avatar
Awww, thanks Conekonyan! That really means alot! XD~
I wish I could publish a book of tutorials or something, perhaps it'll sell.

Ahhhhh, I know exactly what you mean! x3 I used to be like that too, but nowadays the drive isnt as strong. :(
Creativegreenbeans's avatar
ur welcome! ^^ that would be awesome! xD i'd buy it/read it >,<

awww TT^TT thats no fun xD

heh the drive is stronger for me than most ^^; im obsessed with getting better and stuff like that xD so much my friends say im the female version of rock lee >,< lol
Minky-For-Short's avatar
this is very helpful! and your art is win! :D
owdof's avatar
Thanks Minky. :> I'm flattered.
Minky-For-Short's avatar
awww you're welcome :hug:
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