On a weight loss mission

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By owdesigns
Today I start my quest of loosing 30lbs by the end of May.....Its not going to be easy but I plan to give it my best shot. Please encourage me along my journey I need it.
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U can do it. Stick to the program and let it integrate slowly in your daily routine. Stay on the move and keep eating your fruit ,salad meals, and drink your water. U can still eat your food but think of your meal as fuel to work out with and not just something 2 crave your hunger. U have to balance it all out so that your body can reap the benefits. Take care bro.:beer:
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Thank you really appreciate it
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No problem bro!
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I can say don't give up on your diet just because you cheated. Just stay on a healthy diet for life. Sad but true, lol.