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Ha ha


I blame tumblr for my disappearance from this site

But I might be posting new stuff here soon :)
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Should I try and submit some of my Owana pieces to HP groups on devianart?

I don't know if I should...
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So I decided to make a Tumblr to go along with my DA account. I'll probably update there more often than here actually so if any of you have a tumblr, go ahead a follow me!

It'll have essentially everything I post on here and probably even more actually :)
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It might seem like it but no, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. I've been in a sort of rut if you will. An artblock. I can't seem to think of anything to draw (or attempt to draw) and there hasn't been any good photography opportunities lately. And, with my luck, when there is, I don't have my camera with me.

But I'm going to try and get back into it all soon. Hopefully, with art class next semester.

First on my tackle list:
-First ever digital art of Owana.

Should be interesting :)
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I'm so sorry for taking so long to respond to replies! D:
There's just so much going on for me right now and it's dragging me away from the computer.
Will try to reply to all comments ASAP
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Very short journal entry this will be. Man I havn't posted anything in a while huh? That'll change soon though thanks to summer vacation ;)
I've already got a few projects on the way and I'm studying photography on my own, so I may post something new soon!

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Gotta love Dumbledore Quotes.
Well I feel quite old right now since Ive gained another year :P
So far, my birthday`s good :) Would have been better if I didnt have a fever

Ah well.
But my friends all GLOMPED me and I spent hours with them and, honestly, that was the best part for me :)

Oh and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to :iconladyly: and :iconsaxgirl92: for the supermegafoxyawesomehot drawings they made me! :hug:
I love them both :meow:
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There's someone going around and hacking into peoples' accounts and posting bad things to their friends so they can get mad and ban them.

I advise you to re-post this to your journal so your friends can know that if a random post comes up being mean to them that it's not you, that someone got into your account.


I just want all my friends safe and not to get banned! Thank you!
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...And a Happy New Year :meow:
If you know what song that's from, I will love you forever :heart:

I know I haven't updated my journal in a sickeningly long time, but since it's Christmas I felt this unnatural urge to do so. There's nothing really more to say except that I hope each any everyone of you have an incredible Christmas and a wonderful new year. Just be happy today. For now, forget about projects, or homework, or relationship projects and just live today. Go out, have fun, party, and get drunk, it doesn't matter as long as you have fun :)

Have a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or whatever you celebrate!

PS To all my fellow Harry Potter fans, HAVE A VERY MERRY HARRY CHRISTMAS! XD :iconharrypotterplz:
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FREEDOM! Thy name is Summer!

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 24, 2010, 6:21 PM

Ahhhhh, the word summer never sounded so sweet! Next week Tuesday I'll have officially finished middle school. Off to High School I go!

No really, I think I'm the only one in my school who's anticipating the end of eight grade. Everyone else is biting back tears and clinging onto the school posts for dear life. Meanwhile, I'm the one trashing my old homework and staring at the second hand tick by painfully slowly on the clock. Hmm. Middle school was never really my prime.

But one thing summer will definitely (or at least hopefully bring) is more artwork! Free time = boredom = screw-it-im-going-on-the-computer urges = sudden bursts of art inspiration! And if all else fails...there's always CyberARTS.

And then of course there's all the things I'm looking forward to (most of them Harry Potter...go figure) all I can say is, THE RETURN OF PIGFARTS IS NEAR!!

Please excuse my pathetic attempt at a journal entry....I didn't have enough sugar today O.o

PS: A million thanks to the lovely :iconconstantine2530: for allowing us to use her old CSS. I LOVE IT!!!

PPS: I watched Toy Story 3. AH-MA-ZING!!! This movie made me never want to throw my toys out again! GO WATCH IT!

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WHERE'D MY ICON GO???????? One day it's there and then the next day I've got Lady Gaga staring at me!! Does this have anything to do with the llama badge thing? At all? Ah well, at least I didn't get Robert Pattinson...


OH! It's April Fool's day! THAT'S why the icons changed! D'oh! Man I feel stupid.....oh well.
K guys, I need inspiration. I really really really want to draw and/or take a photo and manipulate it but I have NO freaking clue what to do. Any ideas?

That's all basically. Oh, and it's Fred and George's birthday!! (ironic aint it?)
Happy Birthday George and RIP Fred :(

:iconowana-l-p45: <- well...for now
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HELLO! Just dropping in to say I hope you all have a wonderful Chrstmas and an amazing New Years! Oh and don't forget to wish Voldy a happy birthday on the 31st!(then run for your life)

Lol but anyways, hope you guys got all the presents you wanted! Anyways, Deviantly related, I've got some new deviations up at last! The pictures with the muffin is officially up (there's a sentence I never thought I'd say), as well as a new cosplay by me portraying Hermione. Check them out of you're interested! No new art peices are in progress right now but maybe I'll get a stroke of inspiration later on. Oh, one last thing...

HAVE A VERY HARRY CHRISTMAS!!!!:iconharrypotterplz:

Love from,
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New Pics!

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 27, 2009, 5:30 PM

I'm back! And with deviations too! No, they're not the pictures of the pottery like I promised (my friend hasn't given it back to me yet *sigh*), but they're related to Harry Potter so yay!!

Anyway, they're all edited with Photoshop (except one) and it's my first time doing so. I hope I didn't fail miserably!


design & coding by Sliding-Panda
floral brushes by ro-stock
photo of lily by lusi

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New Journal skin!

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 9, 2009, 12:54 PM

Hehey! As you may have noticed I got a new look for my jounal! Pretty usless though cause I rarely ever write in here. In any case, I actually am going to post something up here on deviantart soon!! I went to a birthday party a few days ago and there we got to paint these really cool pottery things. I chose this giant cupcakes that you can open and painted it. Well, pottery IS considered art so when I get it back from the kiln, I'm going to take a few pics of it and post it up!:boogie:

Quite random yes but I miss psoting things...

Until next time!

P.S. I got a cool new avatar! Nice no?

design & coding by Sliding-Panda
floral brushes by ro-stock
photo of lily by lusi

  • Listening to: A House Filled With Ivy
  • Reading: HP and the Deathly Hallows
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I finally got a tablet!! YAYNESS!!! I'm already using it and it will definitely take some time to master it, but I seem to have a knack for electronic things so hopefully, I'll learn quickly. I'm gonna colour one of my pictures, "That's a baby Wrackspurt..." in photoshop so we'll be able to see our favourite Ravenclaw in colour!:D

g2g colour, ttyl!

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Well, this should be interesting. It's my first time posting here, and I'm already having seconds thoughts about drawing skills still need to improve^^; But since it's summer vacation (WOOT!) I may be posting even more so who knows? Maybe I'll get better. They'll probably all be about HP tho...hehehe. Insanely short journal I know but it's pretty late and I have nothing else to say (which is a first for me belive me!)

see ya!


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