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genesis 8 female feet@leg morph

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1: Scroll down and click on the link in the comments 2: Once you're on stash, click the download button. It will probably give you an error. No problem, just click on the button that says" back to Stash". 3: It will take you to your Stash profile. For some reason you have to visit your Stash profile to make downloads work. Now you can go back to the page with the download. Download it! (no error this time) 4: Finally, scroll down in the comments again to Kyodaimusu's helpful comment on how to use it. Done!

Awesom, could you please reupload it? Thank you very much.

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Oh c'mon, what's the point of having this post if you're not going to maintain the link to the file itself!?

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Can anybody upload the morph somewhere please?

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Look, there are NO files. Nowhere. Author, srsly, do something. Even in comments the archive is dead, it can not be DLed.

this looks awesome but where can i get it?
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is this still available? I don't even see a link. Help!

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This is a beautiful, well-crafted morph! Thanks so much for making this available!

Would someone, please post a link to this morph set?  The ones that are here now are broken -- file doesn't exist.
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How do you install it/Use it? From all the comments I think I'm missing out! :)

You load the morph with the morph loader pro. Then in the parameters (not shaping) there will be a category called morphs then when you expand it click on morph loader and there will be the slider for it. 
How to install it? 
How to install it? 
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Great morphs!!! Love it! Thank you very, very much!
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Вот это класс! Огромное спасибо за морф!!! Как раз мечтал о чём-то таком :)
А что за текстуры и нормал карты здесь использованы?
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Wow...amazingly real skin tones with this, very photo realistic :D
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Wow!  Very realistic!  Is this morph available for purchase?
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Thank you so much!
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Any chance you could share this? The link seems to be broken now
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Finally G8F looks real.
One comment, in my opinion, the Big toe bends in a little too much.

Your stuff is awesome!!!

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