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Zoe and the Beast [LINKS]

By ovidius-naso
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UPDATE: There is now a futa version
FutanariBetter Audio | Less FurOriginal (Mega) | Original (Twitter)

This video is finally finished! Huge shout out to DornVA for the wonderful voice work! It was a pleasure working with her; she went above and beyond to create a really great voice for Zoe :)

As noted in the credits, this was a collaborative effort with :iconcearenbow:, who designed the character and helped me recreate her in 3D, drove the story, and provided general support for the project, which has been in the works [off and on] for just over a year now.

Anyway, there's not too much story, and it's all in the intro. This bored college gal is stuck at her parent's archaeological dig site, so she sneaks in at night, and inadvertently awakens the ancient power sleeping there. The god Anubis decides to make a servant out of this young woman, and sends his power, in the form of a magical scarab beetle, to enslave her and turn her into his faithful servant.
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Words of advice: don’t go in the dang temple

ovidius-naso's avatar

Well certainly not NOW, there's a hulking jackal beast guarding it ;)

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Where are the links?

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Look directly UPDATE: There is now a futa version

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Nice the futa version looks good.

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Fantastic work. Dorn voice has set perfectly

ovidius-naso's avatar

Thanks! I found her voice from a similar video, so I knew she was going to be a good match :)

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astraea8 their channel name

ovidius-naso's avatar

I know about that channel, they repost videos but they leave the credits, so I don't mind.

Swiftyfan13's avatar

Also Someone is taking credit of your videos

Swiftyfan13's avatar

Also is there a reason your videos aren’t under videos for pornhub

ovidius-naso's avatar

laziness and forgetfulness. I'll go post this one now, since there's actual... porn in it

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It just fixed it self

Swiftyfan13's avatar

No I mean your old videos don’t come under your channel for videos let me screenshot it to show u

Swiftyfan13's avatar

the futa version was incredible

ovidius-naso's avatar

Glad you like it!

Dragontiddles's avatar

Best animation yet. You should really do more like this.

ovidius-naso's avatar

Thanks! I have more animations on the way, but probably skewing more towards possession

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I really need to learn Some transformation Skills. with DAZ-studio

it seems so much fun once all of it comes together.

Well-done ^.^

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