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Tomb of Qetesh [Link]

By ovidius-naso
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I can't post the full link here, but you can find it on my Twitter, or on FurAffinity (account + adult-mode-on required)

"Lara is racing against an evil rival to find the Amulet of Qetesh, an artifact that supposedly holds incredible magical powers! It's said to be buried with Qetesh, in her Tomb. Lara and her assistant AJ have made it to the ruins first, but Briggs is not far behind. Lara makes the risky decision to enter the tomb, alone..."

Here it is, after about a year of work! I actually started the Poser scene in early 2016, but nothing really happened until Jan 2018. I toyed with the idea of bringing in a voice actress to do the missing lines in the intro, but it's probably going to take too long, so you get captions instead.

It was almost lost entirely when my external drive bit the dust, but fortunately, this was one of the few scenes that was spared! I actually did lose the Poser files for the one of the earlier parts (the hips merging), but thankfully, I had the rendered uncompressed video in a temp folder.
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would love to see a version where Qetesh isn't a ghoul- the undead thing is a huge turnoff , have her form merge with Laura and keep the penis!

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Qetesh isn't undead... she's just very, very old and shriveled, lol. One of the main goals of a horror scene (which is what I was aiming for) is to juxtapose a beauty (Lara) with a monster ("mummy" Qetesh). If they are both sexy, it will miss that mark.

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I absolutely love this. I can't wait to see the sequel and your future work.
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Thanks! Be sure to check out the alternate version of this, which is already out. Sequel might be awhile...
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I can see how long that took... very well made ;-)
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Thanks! It was a lot of effort, but worth it!
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My favorite part is the headsqueeze
ovidius-naso's avatar
Ya, I was pretty satisfied with that part too :D (Big Grin) Next head merge I do, I want to have the possessor come in from the back like they are putting on a mask 
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Wow nicely done 
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Will there be more like it? 
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There's an alternate (female) version out already. A sequel is planned but hasn't been started yet.
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ITs amazing work Ovidius , can I ask where you do that amazing merge effects? its Daz? or ZBrush?
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I render those merging sections twice (once with each texture), then blend the 2 videos in Adobe Premier. I use Poser 11, but Daz is very similar
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I can't imagine how much work you put into this.  This is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen!  And I know you're more about merging, but this is in my conjoinment hall of fame!
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I'm still not sure how I ever finished it Crazy  Thank you very much for kind words! Feel free to think of it however you like :)
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An amazing Video and idea!
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Thank you! I see you have something similar up for sale, I think I have to take a look :)
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one again another great animation, i might actually cry myself to sleep tonight knowing i'll have to wait a couple months for a new one.
the expansion was just amazing overall and well aniamted, wish there was more like you out there. 
ovidius-naso's avatar
Thank you! Yes, I wish I had more peers, could always use more content like this. I think it usually takes more than a few months for something like this video, but there are some shorter ones in the works
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im gonna go ahead and fav this even tho i cant watch it yet. Your animations are awesome! :)
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