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Centaur Possess TF Vid (w/ sound)

By ovidius-naso
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A woman is possessed by a centaur spirit and her body is transformed into a demonic shape. Not much backstory here; just an old work I decided to revisit.

Youtube version: www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlOQJb…

> Download from Dropbox here

Note: I realized that part of the horse skeleton (sternum) sticks through the model in an unintended way in the first 2 parts, which kind of look like genitals. It's not.

> Part 2 - New!

I have uploaded renders of part 2 here
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The link is not working?
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Impressive sound ! Admirable art and shape shifting.

Sounds rather unpleasant, and I can almost feel her pain. (bones grinding, grunts of pain....)
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Thanks! I figure transforming into such a different shape would be extremely painful, especially if it's not by choice ;) 
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In my own fan-fics, Casper has the power of shape-shifting, and has no pain or problem - IF voluntary. Being forced into a shape IS painful. Examp: removing his head is easy for him, BUT being beheaded(in Casper in Wonderland) hurt !
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Don't give up try again
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plz for the love of god do more of these
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Ow... mah ears...
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I cannot seem to play the video
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i really want to see the second part
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Looking forward to seeing a finished animation,what she looks like all together.
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The second part just links back to here.
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Excellent work on the facial changes.
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I downloaded it there is no sound
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Was removed from daily motion. I wish more people would use html5.
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the video was removed from Dailymotion!!!
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Violation of terms, though they never say what the problem is. I thought this one was clean enough :\
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Oh I just love when the last of her will fades and her face contorts into something twisted and sinister at the end...
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