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Kristin Kreuk Vector 2007

a vector of kristin kreuk i did for my friend ben. he´s a huge fan of her =).

i haven´t seen any of her movies/tv series, but she´s a beauty ^^

edit: omg i wrote kristina loken in the description X_X
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just perfect =)
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I am seriously amazed! How many layers and how long did you take for this? It's amazing!
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Really Nice!
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love her on smallville
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WoW cool... can u teach me how to vector? plsss
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hot stuff! great work!
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Gorgoeus, please use my stock somtime for your next do beautiful work!
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:omg: This is great! Well done! :clap:
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It looks like a comic. I love the lips.
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WOW!!! I like it and all of your work is amazing, even though you have only a few deviations, I don't know why you said that you're not a great artist. Cheers!!!
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Great work, wonderful to look at & behold.
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This is
I love the style.
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This one's definitely my fave!!:clap:
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U know what i just realised that this is the girl from smallville haha I was like hmm she looks very very familiar.

Man, it looks good. I like the attention you put to her hair. I'm impressed :)
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i work with vector too and i know how it is difficult to get a good result, and yours is the most impressive ive ever seen!

keep up like that
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awww you´re such a sweety ^^
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ty :)
u too for sure :)

u use msn?
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yes, i have msn ^^. but i need to reinstall it right now, cuz it´s gone nuts
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do it pls, and lets chat! [link]
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...i love vectors! and i love this...
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Really awesome, and I like the hair. Nice detail. :D
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